Friday, December 4, 2009


I'm teaching a dance class in January, and I want to be ready for that. So I'm getting back in shape! So far, I've done strength training, ballet, and even a Richard Simmons cardio workout (I love him! don't care what anyone says. He says that I'm his shining star). Today however, I ran with one of my friends. I'm glad she was there, because I probably would've called it quits after a quarter mile. I ran for a few months last year, and didn't really enjoy it then. I still don't find it pleasant, but need the endurance.

As I was, I was trying to figure out why I did not enjoy this sport. I realized that it's because it's a pretty mindless activity. You don't have to think much about jogging, you just do it. This leaves my mind open to thinking about numerous other things. I'm not used to this. In dance class, you're always thinking about the current movement, as well as the next one. Your mind is completely focused on completing the task at hand, and there is no room for thinking about other things in your life. When you enter the studio, you leave everything outside the door and don't pick it back up until class or rehearsal is over.

When I run, I start to think about all sorts of things. For some reason, I don't like this. Maybe it's because I'm used to being focused on WHY I'm breathing so hard, and I find the thinking annoying. The things that start to pop into my head are problems, things I need to deal with, and a LOT of negative feelings. I'm not sure why I think so negatively when I run. Come to think of it, I've actually had some very spiritual experience in my past runs from last year. I remember once I almost had a complete meltdown because of all of this pressure from something I was going through at the time came rising up to the surface. Why is that?

During that particular experience, I started running faster, hoping that would help. I was literally trying to run these problems off of my back, or at least leave them behind for a little while.

There is something about running that brings all of the negativity in my life that I am dealing with, or need to deal with, to the surface. Again, why is that?

I've actually made myself curious enough to go run again soon. Maybe it's a healing element that the sport brings. Maybe it's the fact that when you run, it's just you and the road. No fancy moves with french names, no worrying about whether you're going to nail the next combination or not, just you.

Man, I didn't mean to get all deep. I had no idea this blog was going to take that turn lol. Anyway, does anyone else experience these feelings when they run?

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