Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chocolate Bar

I've been going to IHOP (International House of Prayer) for the renewal/outpouring services they've been having on the weekends. It's been awesome, and I've been getting rocked by God!

Last Saturday, after I'd received a lot of prayer and was just soaking up Jesus, I heard Him say, "You should buy a chocolate bar on the way home."

It was extremely random, but I thought, "That's an easy assignment!"

Later, I went to put on my shoes, and found purple crayon wrappers in them. Not knowing where they came from, I went to throw them away on my way out the door. Beside the trashcan, I saw a quarter. I picked it up and saw that it had my birth year on it. Thinking that was pretty neat, I stuck it in my coat pocket.

I arrived at Kroger close to 1 am. Going to their candy section, I picked up one of Hershey's Symphony bars. I was about to walk away when I saw Cadbury bars were on sale for the same price. I stood there for a few minutes, trying to decide. Cadbury chocolate is the best chocolate they sell at Kroger. But the Symphony bar is bigger.

As I stood there, indecisive, with Kroger employees stocking shelves all around me, God suddenly spoke. He said, "Would you rather have more of the good thing? Or would you rather have less of the best thing? Which one is going to bring you more satisfaction?"

Without further hesitation, I picked up the Cadbury bar and placed the Symphony bar back on the shelf. As I walked to the self check-out, the only thing open at this time of day, I thought about how choosing a chocolate bar is similar to life with God. I'm actually still digesting this revelation, and waiting for God to show me more.

I arrive at the self check-out and it tells me that there is no cash back after 11 pm. The bar is $1.25, and I don't have any change, and only one dollar bill resting in between some bigger bills. Suddenly, I remember the quarter I found earlier! Happy that God has provided, without me even knowing what He was doing, I put the money in the machine. I start to leave when suddenly, the coin dispenser spits out a bunch of change and says, "Have a nice day, and thank-you for shopping with us!"

It was definitely the gift to myself that kept on giving. And when I ate my chocolate the next day, I found that I was quite satisfied with my choice.

It's snowing, so no classes today. I am happy.

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