Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Trapdoors

I had this dream last Sunday morning.

In the dream, I was with a group of friends in a grocery store. I had left them to get what I needed. I was continually distracted though by these open trapdoors in the floor of the store. They were spaced out around the store.

I did not notice them at first. But when I did, I walked over to one and looked down to see through it. I was shocked by what I saw. It looked like a basement, but I knew it was not a basement, just empty, useless space below the building. I knew that the space should have been filled in to provide a solid foundation. I looked again to see what was supporting the store. I saw that the trapdoor opened to a square tower of white bricks that were meant to support the building. I knew that there were brick towers under every trapdoor. The bricks were not cemented together, and as I watched they started sliding and falling to the floor below. The sight scared me, and I wondered how the building was even standing since it had no solid foundation, and the foundation that it did have was built foolishly and now falling apart. "Whose idea was this?!?" I thought.

I walked away from the door, and tried to find what I needed. I was immediately drawn though to another trapdoor. I looked through this one, and saw that the bricks were falling even rapidly now, even though it had only been a few seconds. I watched as more than half the tower fell over. I'm not sure how long this took, I seemed to be watching it fall in slow motion.

I saw that some store employees seemed aware of the problem, but were just wandering around in confusion and not sure how to fix the problem. They were easily distracted. I wondered how the employees felt safe working here, but knew that they were used to the thought of being on a shaky foundation. Since the building hadn't shown any signs above the foundation that it would collapse, they didn't seem to think it would happen any time soon, if at all. I felt though that it could fall at any moment, and began to feel frantic. At the same time though, the employees' calm, wandering manner would keep my frantic feelings from escalating, and they would go away. If the employees weren't freaking out, why should I? But then I would realize once again that the employees were idiots, and would feel frantic again. Then the cycle would repeat and I would calm down again. It was very confusing.

A friend came up to me and said something. I was so entranced by the trapdoors though, and tried to get my friend to understand that the store shouldn't even be standing, that it was a miracle it was still here. My friend did not seem to hear a word I said, and walked away.

I really wanted to get my friends and leave the store, but could not stop staring through the trapdoors and watching the employees' actions.

I believe the store represents a large majority of the church. The foundation of the church today, of the people in the churches, does not appear to be solid. We do not understand that God has made us righteous and holy upon receiving Jesus as our Savior. We think that we are still bad, or the we need to be doing "works" to be a Christian. The relationship between man and God through the Holy Spirit seems to be left out of the church's teachings. Jesus died because we CAN'T enter heaven through works. It's impossible to be righteous and holy without His forgiveness.

The church still has a store though, despite having a shabby foundation. And in this store, we are supposed to find everything we need and want, even though it could all fall on us in a split second.

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