Friday, July 30, 2010

It's well worth the time that its taken to get here now.

Last night, God freed me of so much stuff!

I am free from selfish motives.

I am free from anger and bitterness.

I am free from the spirit of control.

I am free from self-pity.

How did this happen? #1 FORGIVENESS!

I forgave others and I forgave myself. I allowed God to empower me to make the change by letting go of everything. By letting go I was freed.

My mind was cleared out and afterward I was freaked out by how silent my thoughts were. There was no more worry or fear of the future. Judgments I had put on myself that were not from God were gone...I did not know what to do.

God pointed out who and what the devil was using to get his hands on me so he could control me. So after I was free from these things, I realized why my mind was so quiet. It was because I did not feel the need to do anything! All feelings of obligation were gone, all false burdens and judgments, even accusations were no where to be found. I also found myself unable to feel sorry for myself for any reason.

I did not know what to do because these things had always been taking charge of my mind and making me feel like I always had to be doing SOMETHING!

There was (is) so much peace that it freaked me out. I immediately got jittery and wanted to do something but, God would not allow it. I was only supposed to continue receiving the deliverance He was ministering to me. I stayed in the same place for about 5 hours. It. Was. Intense.

It has made today to be very interesting because I am so used to worrying about things, judging people, getting angry and bitter, manipulating out of my selfish motives, being manipulated by the spirit of control. My whole life has been made quiet. It is awesome.

Oh who would have ever known this
Could be this easy?
I was a long, long way off
Then just like that it's over
Everything I knew of love
I was a long, long way off

And I think I like how the day sounds
Like how the day sounds through this new song

Thank you for opening the window
The sky is clear as my mind is now
I was a long, long way off
Join me in welcoming the sun in
It's much brighter than the night I hid in
I was a long, long way off

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  1. All that I can say to this... Awesome!! :D
    Truly awesome!! :D