Friday, July 9, 2010

That Guy

I'm the only female leader of a discipleship program this summer. It's been 3 weeks, and we have 3 weeks left.

Yesterday, I was at a big leadership meeting about future plans. Most of what they were talking about did not concern me directly, so my mind would wander. I started thinking about my conversations with the girls in the program, and wondering if any of my words were impacting them. The thought came that I was probably talking TOO much, just to fill up space. Suddenly, God decided to interrupt my line of thinking.

He said, "Do you remember those radio programs and movies we've listened to and watched, and what your favorite part in those shows was?"

I immediately thought of the random, wise character that had a very tiny role in whatever story was unfolding. Then, something bad would happen, or the hero would hit a wall. This wise and humble character would then maybe say one or two lines, and they would be the most profound statements in the entire movie. The hero's life would be changed when he understood the meaning behind this character's few words of wisdom.

God then said, "You could be THAT guy!"

I thought, "Man, I would LOVE to be that guy!"

I knew that God was reminding me to just simply abide with the Holy Spirit, and keep my mouth shut so that way I wasn't speaking out of my flesh. And whenever the time is RIGHT, the perfect words would be dropped into my spirit.

Abiding. Getting Closer and Closer to God.

...I see where this is going. ;-)

My feet felt light for the first time in months
It was like You came walking across the room
Straight at me and then straight through me
And then stopped and stood still for awhile
I knew then that I'd been lonely for quite some time
And as we started to dance, You gently took off my tear-soaked coat
And let it fall heavy to the floor and then
We danced some more

When all is said and done
When all is gone and still just begun
I will be asked what I did with my time and why
Can You be my alibi
Cause I know I spent it dancing with You

I have been here before
These emotions are relived

It's like a joy déjà vu
You have been walking along
With me for quite some time
But me with my deaf ear and my blind sides
Both of these I turned against You
We all know that You're there
We all know

~ "My Alibi" Blindside

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