Sunday, August 8, 2010


"No serious relationship can work if you don't communicate with one another. You can't learn to trust someone if you don't know who they are deep inside, within their heart of hearts."

My friend, Laura, wrote this in her last blog. She was speaking of having a relationship with God but...God has been teaching me about other relationships lately. Mainly with all of my delightful friends.

TRUTH. FREEDOM. LOVE. How can someone truly love you if you aren't being truthful with them about who you are? How can you be truthful with them about who you are if you aren't being free? How can you even love YOURSELF if you aren't being free and truthful about who you are with others?

I've been too hard on myself lately, I admit that. I over-analyze every situation and then I finally take it to God and do you know what He has been saying to me lately? "Jenny, I'm not worried about it."

If God, the creator of EVERYTHING is not worried about something, why the heck am I?

I was trying to control who I was around certain people. I was being free around some, and hiding around others. I thought that I was doing God's will by doing this, using wisdom. If I acted a certain way around certain people than they would accept me. Then I could minister to them.


God told me that is NOT why He has brought these people into my life. He said that I am to just SHINE my light. I'm to be completely who He has made me to be. Free.

He also told me that my behavior was caused by me trying to please other lovers besides Himself. What? I have other lovers? Yes. If I'm more worried about pleasing others instead of pleasing God, that makes them lovers. Fear of man. Oh My Lord. I repent.

There is also the fact that I was not acting within His will, which meant I was striving.

So here I go. Being transparent and using wisdom. Beware. My behavior may possibly offend. ;-)

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  1. It's always been a bit of a joke that my family "has always been stepping out of line, causing problems and offending people." ;)

    Being believers in Christ, we ARE called out to be seperate. Often, that means being the stick in the mud. ;) If that be God's will, then bring it on! :)

    As an aside, your posts are quite encouraging. :) thank you. :) I look forward to reading the next one. :)