Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm so in love with You.

I can't seem to forget His love for me.

I'm entering into a new season. It's really different from the one I'm leaving. I've just been in the prayer room at IHOP everyday, soaking and being still. This has been my place of worship. At first I complained until I realized that this is THE BEST season I've ever had! EVER!!!!!! It is so good to just be with Jesus. The best thing I've ever done, can ever do, and will ever do.

So now God is asking me to step up. Well, more like telling me. It's a do or die decision. There is no gray area. I'm either in or I'm out. God said the same thing He did when He asked me to jump. He said, "Why are you even here, claiming you love me if you aren't going to obey me?"

So here I am. Obeying. I prayed on the microphone during an intercession set yesterday (SCARY, dying to my flesh stuff right there. Fear of man needs to get the heck out of my life. Seriously.) and also am going to audition for vocals in a few weeks.

AAAHHH!!!!! This all started when God gave me a dream about me doing these two things a couple days ago. The dream involved a guy named Bruce (a worship leader here) who was leading a worship set and then an intercession set here. At the beginning of the dream I went on stage and sang with him. I'm not telling the whole dream but here is the awesome part where God gave me a huge confirmation about singing here.

I was in the cafe area of IHOP yesterday by myself eating. I finished and was cleaning up when I had the urge to sing, so I did. As I was singing, the Holy Spirit suddenly says, "Someone is about to walk in here and they are going to suggest you audition for vocals."

I kept singing and then Bruce walks into the room. He looks at me and says, "Have you ever auditioned for a set?"

" But I did have this dream...." I preceded to tell him the dream.

How AMAZING is God? I mean, Bruce was the one in my dream!

When I'm finished telling the dream Bruce is excited and says, "Well, if you audition I would love to have you on my set."

Wowzer. Okay. I am greatly encouraged.


  1. Ah, this is so great to hear! It's really amazing how God will set things up if we'll just listen to and follow Him. What an encouragement. Love you, girl.

  2. *laughs* No one's better at arranging things beyond perfectly than the Creator of it all. :) That's awesome, in the true sense of the word. :):)
    God bless you Jenny! :)