Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The little ordinary things that everyone ought to do

I visited my parent's house yesterday. It was a lovely visit. On the way home, I was aware how different the drive was than the ones previous to my moving out. I remembered how I used to feel like I was driving away from all of my problems. I now did not feel this way. I didn't feel like I driving towards my problems either. Hmm...interesting. I could not really think of a problem I had. My worries are gone. "The Very Thought of You", sung by Tony Bennett, came on my shuffle. I sat back and enjoyed the ride, content in enjoying Jesus enjoying me.

I get home and am getting ready for bed. I asked God what He thought about the day. He said, "You're going to get better at leaving it all behind."
I knew that He not only meant my family, but also everything in general. Whatever He asked me to leave, it would get easier. Practice makes perfect...

Then He said, "What are you leaving it all for, Jenny?"

I said, "The Kingdom."

He said, "And where is the Kingdom?"

Sunday school lessons popped out of their proper filing cabinets in my brain and I automatically thought of Matthew 10:7. I replied, "It's at hand."

This is when I realized it has always been within reach. I read the scriptures about reigning with Jesus and being God's heir and all that stuff, but it suddenly became real.

I held out my hand. I stared at my open palm. I felt the weight of the Kingdom, the responsibility of accepting this revelation.

God said, "Are you ready for it?"

I thought about it before responding, "I'm ready to spend more time with You."

BAM! More revelation slams into me sideways. What had I just said? Being ready for more responsibility = spending more time with God. It really IS ALL about Relationship and Intimacy! I can't do anything by my own strength, so leaning more and more on God is so necessary.

I am broken. I am spent on You, Jesus. This is all I need. Everything else that happens only happens because it is birthed from this relationship.