Friday, December 10, 2010

Who I used to be.

Mom asked me when I was little (I think 7 or 10), "If you could do or go anywhere, what would you do?" I said, "I really just want to stay in my room and read books all day."

Not very ambitious of me. That does not bother me though. In fact, what does bother me is that I do not know that little girl anymore who said those words to her shocked mother.

I used to devour books. As soon as I was able to read books that had chapters, I would read in bed way into the night with the help of a doll that lit up. I read the Bible a lot more too. (Maybe a little too much. I had to ask my mom what a concubine was at a pretty young age.)

Now I hardly read 4 books a year. I spent all of 2009 reading The Final Quest trilogy.

This is completely my fault. My past times have become spending time on facebook, youtube, and watching television.

I used to ride my bike just for fun with no thought of it being exercise.

I used to spend afternoons hanging out in the backyard or in the wood beyond that backyard.

I used to write short stories, comic strips, draw pictures...

I used to love boardgames and cards.

I used to go on frequent walks around the block with no thought about it.

What the heck happened?

I'm sick of being stagnant and complacent.

I plan to rediscover my imagination this upcoming year. My inner child needs to be unleashed! I was a lot smarter and used my time fully back then.

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  1. "What the heck happened?"
    TECHNOLOGY!! That's what happened!

    The former life you describe was one without a laptop, fb, streaming sitcoms, movies, videos, etc., and when you guys were younger--TV in our house was only the basic channels--mostly PBS!!