Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our friends, the terrorists.

Today I got a full update on what is going on in Egypt and that side of the world right now. It's scary stuff, and we need to be praying for our friends. You may wonder why I say "friends", but read this dream that I had a few years ago and you will wonder no more.

In the dream, I was in a hospital room because I was very sick. I was in bed with machines hooked up to me and tubes coming out of my arms. I was under a heavy dosage of drugs, so everything was very hazy.

Being sick made me sad and my spirit would become uneasy. A little boy from the Middle East would come visit me frequently. He believed strongly in Jesus, was always smiling, and had a very pure spirit. He would stand by my bed and sing to me in a beautiful, pure voice because it would bring peace to me. When he sang to me, my spirit would leave the hospital room and I would be in fields of green with trees and rivers.

Because of the drugs, I would be in and out of sleep, and the boy would come and go as the days went by. One day, I woke up and his dad had come to see me. He was a very handsome middle-aged man from the Middle East, with a thick, neatly trimmed, and heavily peppered beard. I knew right away that he was a Muslim terrorist who was part of a radical Islamic group. I got out of bed and ate lunch with him at small table in my room.

Our conversation was serious and intimate, for he was very kind, and this is the part that I remember. He said, "Please be praying for us! I am a Christian and there are many others in my group who are also Christians. We have to keep pretending we are terrorists, and we hate what we are doing. We want to leave, but are afraid if they catch us they will hurt our families. We have to protect our families."

The man turned to look at his son with love and fear in his eyes and then looked back at me. He continued, "We are in Lebanon. Please be praying that we find a way to escape safely!"

The man also told me during our conversation that he and the other Christians in the terrorist group wanted to serve Jesus, but it was hard to do because of what they were being forced to do. He greatly feared God and wanted to do the right thing. I had great compassion for this man. I saw his beautiful son as a testimony of how close this man walked with Jesus. Despite where he and his family lived, his son was the most loving, pure, and free-spirited child I had met.

At the time of the dream, I did not know a thing about Lebanon and I'm not even sure if I knew that it existed. When I woke up, I looked Lebanon up and saw that it is right beside Israel. It is my belief that I met and talked to real people in my dream. I have been trying to remember this man, his family, and his friends in my prayers ever since.

I was freshly reminded of this dream today, and wanted to ask you to join me in praying for our brothers and sisters who live in the Middle East; especially those who live in radical Islamic groups. It is also encouraging to know that Jesus is invading the terrorist groups, and we can pray that he continues to do so.

It is sad that it took a tragedy like this for me to share this with you.

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