Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vision of leaders

God has been on to me all day to write this blog. This is a vision I had a couple years ago...or so. I don't really remember. It was during a period when I was really bad about writing things down.

I see a man's face as he leads the charge in a battle. He is wearing armor and holding a sword. I know that he is a general, or something of similar authority, in a war. I notice the anger and passion that is on his face. I pull away from his face and see that I'm looking at a tall pot that has this man on it. It's similar to looking in a crystal ball, because I see this man's actions. I pull away even further and see that there are many pots. All of the pots are men of high position, power and authority throughout the world and throughout history (I don't know who they were though. I could tell some were from history because of their garments). There are kings, leaders of armies, emperors, ect. All of the men are so angry as they carry out different actions for their positions. Some are fighting battles, some are giving speeches, and some are yelling orders at those serving them directly. These pots were all sitting on shallow stairs in a pattern of some sort.

I then see Jesus sitting cross-legged in the center of the pots, his head buried in his hands. He is naked and weeping like I have not seen him weeping before. The wretched loneliness that he is feeling is very apparent. I know that the men on the pots are what is distressing him, but I don't understand why their impact is so heavy on him. I ask, "What is this?" I hear, "It is I who placed every one of these men in their positions of leadership. Not one of them turn to me, even though I am the one who gave them their power."

I know that Jesus knew that these men would not turn to him, but he gave them the opportunity to serve him greatly anyway. Now he wept for them and for what has been and is being lost by their selfishness; cities, countries, nations, but most importantly, a relationship with these men.

This vision changed my perspective of the world greatly. I realized I did not understand as much about leaders as I thought, and that judging by face value was not going to tell me what was really going on. There is so much going on behind the scenes that I do not see! There is so much about justice that I do not understand. I think that the most important thing Jesus showed me through the vision was the importance of praying for leaders around the globe, and joining Jesus in grieving and longing for them to join his plan for their lives and the lives of their (his) people.

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