Monday, September 19, 2011

"Let me see ya wobble!"

Jon and I got new hats today. WAZZUUUP?!?

They were buy one 25% off and get one free. What. A. Deal.

I'm stressing less about school, and getting more done. Funny how that works.

Still enjoying Family Force 5's III EP.
Let me see ya wobble!

I was also checking out Children 18:3's stuff today. I have always enjoyed their music, but have never purchased a CD. I read their biography on their myspace, and it said some pretty neat stuff about revival and "rain" sweeping the country and wanting to be a part of it, hence the band and the latest CD's title, "Rain's A Comin'".
They are all siblings, they were all home schooled and they are all on fire for Jesus.
The girl is my hero.

I'm heading to bed for reals. Got 4 hours of sleep when I finally passed out this morning.

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