Friday, October 28, 2011

No way.

I have no idea where my youth went. I didn't even know what youth was until it left, but I guess it was that look into the distant (or near) future and seeing nothing but bright lights and hope and wonderful. Ofcourse it was all going to be okay. Why wouldn't it be?

I think that it was the past year that brought about this change, the change being me not seeing bright lights anymore. I just see life, long and steady, the shoreline is ready to meet me, and we'll keep the same pace once we get there. The past year showed me how God is not black and white, and my destiny is not all about my happiness. Most days I'm probably not going to feel so good about it all, but I press on anyway, because I have to be obedient. If I quit now, what was the point of all these years? I'm just going to quit when it gets tough? No way. Then I never loved him at all.


  1. Find your passion and follow your dreams.

    That may take a while. :)

  2. We need to finish reading The Noticer together. I think it will help bring "perspective".