Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I got my sign. *huge smile paired with a girly freak-out*

I got a few signs actually.

So we're happy, and we're good, and we're living in this moment.

Moving on from that...it has been strongly hinted that I am facing a promotion at work.

I'm going to school today to officially withdraw from the only class I have yet to drop.

Obadiah is back on The R!OT (my favorite radio show of all time) with Nicki after he was sick in bed for a while. His replacement was just, not to be mean, boring.

My friends and Jon are almost done with their finals, so we'll be hanging out a lot more for the rest of the month. So happy!

I'm volunteering at a place that feeds the homeless tomorrow for the first time.

Cuba is fast approaching.

It is all very exciting.

To close, here is one of my new favorite mash-ups. Two Adele songs in one song? Yespleez.

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