Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I iz so tireds. I only been going to gym once a week with twainer. So laaazyyy.

So today was my day off and I did NOTHING. I did not leave the house. I did not take a shower. I look scary.

I did not do one productive thing today. I was involuntarily productive once indirectly. Mom did it for me. She filled out my job application while I held the baby.

I was gwumpy and tireds and hungwys all day!

Ugh. So I'm making a list of things I want to finish before the week is up! It is halfway gone. We must do these things...well, not all of them. I just want to have some goals, but they are not mandatory.

1. Make brownies.
2. Go to the gym everyday.
3. Begin cleaning room.
4. Begin throwing things out (so much mess that is not necessary).
5. Watch The Town with Jon.
6. Go running outside.
7. Make training plan for half marathon that is at the end of February (so close!).
8. Keep reading LOTR's FOTR in bed before lights out :).

I think that is it. Oh, and plan a day to meet up with Megan next week. Yes. And maybe Laura. Yes.


Alright, I am out! Gotta go shower, read my book, and go to sleep!

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