Friday, April 27, 2012

A Soldier's Stride

I wish I could have seen their faces.
Full of hope as they marched down the street.
I would have wandered out to see their stride.
It was a stride that made you know that you could do it, too.
You could look on your own day with hope and pride.
Your goal was just as important.

They passed, and people stepped out into the street to watch them disappear.
Men of magic, men of purpose, men who knew they didn't deserve the chance to serve.
They served us well. Keeping the enemy behind the lines so we could keep our own goals.

I drove down that street the other day, and I imagined their stride.
I imagined their faces, grave yet joyful.
They knew they would not return.

The city continues about its day, every person with their goals.
We're so important, our simple days so precious.
It was right for them to fight. It was their choice to serve.
But if I could remember them more often, I feel that choice would have more worth.
For what is a faceless soldier to this city? What is a dead man's sacrifice?
And are my goals helping the fight? Or will this city eventually fall?


  1. And I hate proving I'm not a robot! Just turn that off already!!

  2. Lol, I was just complaining to Mom yesterday about how I have to prove I'm not a robot EVERY SINGLE TIME.