Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Getting Outside

I wanted to get outside yesterday. It was Jon's first day off from school, so we went to Fort Yargo Park located in Winder, GA. 

We weren't 5 minutes on the trail, when Jon and I spotted a cute turtle! He was headed toward the trail so fast that I thought he was a squirrel. We watched him hurry across the trail, stopping one last time to turn and look at us before continuing towards the lake.

During our approximately 3 hour walk, Jon and I also spotted 3 rabbits, 1 beaver, 2 salamanders, 1 green spider, numerous birds, and almost countless numbers of lizards, skinks, and newts. And, well, I'll save the best for last. ;-)

Nearing on halfway through our walk, we happened upon a field. In case you haven't heard, fields are for frolicing. 

As Jon was admiring the wildlife during our walk, he kept wishing out loud that a snake would appear. Two-thirds of the way, there one was. Jon exclaimed, "Thank God!" He chased the lethargic creature off the trail before a bike came by.

Jon and I started racing during the last leg of the trail, but I stopped to rest on a bench overlooking the lake. The bench being right beside the road, and Jon still going ahead, I decided to telepathically let him know what I wanted.

I'm going to stay here. Come pick me up.

I had the view of the lake during the gloaming to entertain me until Jon's truck pulled up. I got into the car, and said, "I decided to tell you telepathically that I wanted to wait for you here."

Jon nodded his head, all serious, and replied, "I know. It's funny, but I did actually hear you tell me that you wanted me to come pick you up while you waited there. I doubted that I had heard it, but then I decided to come."

Then we went on home, smelly, happy, and hungry.

We'll pack snacks next time. The absence of Dad was apparent.