Friday, May 18, 2012

I May Have Had Caffeine Today....

We're out of almond milk and just plain milk, so I put my protein powder in my Greek strawberry yogurt.


Except, it is very drying. Or maybe I'm just dehydrated from working out...I'll go get some water.

AAAAND, I finished all of my weight-lifting this week. When was the last time that happened? I dunno. I feel proud. IT AIN'T BRAGGING IF IT'S TRUE. :0)

AAAAAND, I have been getting up at about 8:30, even though I still don't get to sleep till around 2 or 3.

AAAAAAND I watched 1 episode of Doctor Who today with Jon. I had already known that was the one show I would be watching, because it is something that Jon and I do together. It was a pretty awful episode, though. The most awful that I had seen yet. A lot of slow motion scenes and a poorly written script. It was the first episode of season 4. Maybe they got a new writer? I'll check...they did get some new writers in season 4, but that episode was written by the head writer of the whole series. Ah, well. Things will probably get better once the season gets rolling. They can't screw up the last season with David Tennant, right? Right.

Oh, AAAAAAAND, I interviewed for a part-time nanny position this morning, and am now being scheduled for a trial day next week. WOOHOO! I was feeling broke as a joke, and I've already moved back in with my folks. ;-)


Okay, well, I should get off of here. It's getting late, and I'm tired from being at the gym so long. I had it to myself THE WHOLE TIME, because there was a graduation ceremony tonight. Naturally, I relished this rarity and sang Family Force 5 lyrics out loud as much as I wanted.

I'm also crashing a bit, because DID YOU KNOW THAT THE EXON HAS ANY SIZE DRINKS FOR 79 CENTS? IT'S AMAZING! I got Jon, Isaac, and myself huge 32 oz. sodas. :DDDDDD

Anyway, I'm going to go wind down....



    sssshhhhh . . . you'll wake the baby . . .

  2. Ever turn off your alarm in your sleep?

  3. Not me cuz I'm practically perfect in every way.