Monday, May 14, 2012

Rude Gym Rats

I had a protein shake before I went to the gym, and I had the best work-out I have had since I can remember. I also almost threw-up on a weight machine. So...pros and cons?

I think that the almost throwing up came from my sleep schedule still not being right. I don't let myself sleep during the day, though. It will get there eventually.

Wesley, my personal trainer before I quit my job, showed up while I was stretching. It was good to see him. I had been thinking during my leg exercises that there were definitely a couple pros and cons to not working with Wesley anymore. The main con is not having Wesley there during my leg exercises, when I'm not using any machines and have to create my own space. He provided a bubble around us, and no one would interrupt. Wesley was also good at turning around and giving a guy the eye if he seemed to be looking our way too much.

Now I'm on my own. And today, the guy who was working out in front of the mirrors while I was did not know how to say "excuse me". Rude. He was just rude in general. Rude, rude, rude,

I thought that it might be in my head, but then another guy came in later. The difference was pretty noticeable in his gym manners.


A pro is taking my own sweet time during my work-out and stretching. I'm getting tired, so I can't think of anymore. I spent my energy in the blog on venting. :-P Oh, wait, and listening to my music while doing cardio. Family Force 5 pushes me past my walls. "RIP IT UP, RIP IT UP! DON'T STOP UNTIL IT'S OVER!"

I started Hot Fuzz with Jon tonight, who got back yesterday. I've been wanting to watch it for a few days. The dedicated and uncompromising nature of Nicholas is inspiring to me. We got 22 minutes through before Jon started to drift off. I'll probably finish tomorrow while doing some laundry.

I'll tell of last week and share pics from then soon.