Friday, February 18, 2011


The star shone in and out of focus, twinkling. God waited for her to notice it as she spun around, dancing in the private of her room.

"She's dancing for Me, but she doesn't see Me!"

She hummed and held her breath as she sunk her body into the beat of the song. Then she spun around one more time and stopped.

I absentmindedly stared at the flashing star after my dance came to a halt. I effortlessly touched Love again as I thought "I was the point of everything You ever did! You wanted me!"

My mind shouted as I thought back to a time when Our relationship was based on other things besides just loving each other. "I didn't understand!"

Then the star suddenly held my full attention and I tilted my head. It seemed to shine brighter as its flickering drew me. Then I heard it.


I saw understanding explode from the center of her mind as she came into an even greater understanding of My love for her. I saw her look at the stars in the sky and know that I made them for her to enjoy and remember Me.

I smiled as my mind opened and saw everything as it was. "You're just a big show-off!" He laughed with me and then we both smiled. We knew what We had to do.

"Remember Us. You know who you are. You know you have stepped into eternity, into Me. Remember this. Remember Me. Remember Us."

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