Sunday, May 27, 2012

Good Times

I gotta say...I am having fuuuUUUUuuuun.

Doing school (which is mostly reading), working as a part-time nanny (did I mention the new job? I forget), going to concerts with my feeriends, spending time with my family, and hanging out with myself and Jesuuus. Gosh, it is nice. Thanks, God for smiling down at me.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I enjoy watching interviews on Youtube. The interviews that Ellen Degeneres does are my favorite. For one thing, she reminds me so much of Great Aunt Nancy it surprises me each time. The second thing is that she is good about bringing back the same people often, and keeping in touch with them between visits on her show, so the interviews feel more intimate than they do on, say, David Letterman (Bruce Willis being an exception), or certainly, Jay Leno. The interviews don't contain the same "So, tell us about yourself and your show" openings every. single. time. It's more along the lines of "I have met you before, I have heard about your show, movie, family, let's have some fun, and see what happens".

For me, there is something about watching a person answer personal questions and have conversations in such a simulated environment that is fascinating. I mean, you have all of these strangers watching you, in the studio audience, on television, on Youtube who, for some reason, suddenly care that you exist and want to know what you are about. But, it really is, mostly, a fake intimacy that is developed between us and the interviewee. The fascinating part of it for me is how the interviewee responds to this environment, because it will almost always leave that person either entirely naked and exposed, or super fake with automatic, built-in responses.

And watching these interviews inspires me to want to enter any high-stress situations that come my way with an enthusiastic, unflinching, uncompromising approach. If I see any similar approach taken by the interviewees in the interviews I watch, it completely affects how I respond to what they say and how they act. This response from me makes me believe and hope that most people out there in the world react the same way...or at least a similar, recognizable way.

High hopes for the world? Or do I need to be in front of a camera, sitting across from a professional Television Personality for my words and actions to be taken so kindly?


I was wearing sweats, and had just started an interview Ellen Degeneres did with Jim Parsons on Youtube. It was 10:15 am. The church service I have been attending was at 10:30 am.

I thought, Jenny! It's time to go to church!

I don't like going to church alone, but I do it. God told me that it's time for me to realize that I'm supposed to be inside the camp and that I'm a part of the Body and that I'm the Bride too and need input and that I need to open up a way to let God's messengers speak to me and that it would be hard but that I have everything that I need to go and that Jon Foreman is my secret weapon (not sure what the last part means, but I roll with it, because it sounds awesome).

Most of this God has had to physically come to me in dreams and tell me to my face so that I would go out and do it. I'm good at listening, bad at doing. I'm getting better, though.

So, it was 10:18 am when I left for church today. I wanted to dress up, so I wore my favorite RadioU shirt (#SWAG), and rolled on into the front doors. I was feeling pretty cheery, because I'm feeling more and more like a morning person (still waking up without an alarm clock at around 8:30 am). So, I cheerily greet the greeters, chat up the pastor's wife's dad, and find a seat. This wasn't hard, because I got there earlier than I usually do since I went alone today, and 50% of the attendees were running late.

But after the service was done, I rolled out quickly, rolling right back into Kroger where I picked up a Mocha Coconut Frap, Venti, at the Starbucks conveniently located there for all of your groggy grocery shopping needs. Chatting after service is hard, due to hunger, which is why I got my chatting out before the service with the friendly pastor's wife's dad. Nice guy, sincere, encouraging smile, "I'm always happy you're here" tone to voice.

After I made my slick exit and received caffeine (I may be waking up at 8:30 am every day, but I still find myself not falling alseep till around 3 am.), I made it back home in time to meet with my thoughts.

These thoughts won't be making it into this entry, due to the unfocused nature it would bring to this entry.

So *DEEP BREATHE* I will write another one.

Friday, May 18, 2012

I May Have Had Caffeine Today....

We're out of almond milk and just plain milk, so I put my protein powder in my Greek strawberry yogurt.


Except, it is very drying. Or maybe I'm just dehydrated from working out...I'll go get some water.

AAAAND, I finished all of my weight-lifting this week. When was the last time that happened? I dunno. I feel proud. IT AIN'T BRAGGING IF IT'S TRUE. :0)

AAAAAND, I have been getting up at about 8:30, even though I still don't get to sleep till around 2 or 3.

AAAAAAND I watched 1 episode of Doctor Who today with Jon. I had already known that was the one show I would be watching, because it is something that Jon and I do together. It was a pretty awful episode, though. The most awful that I had seen yet. A lot of slow motion scenes and a poorly written script. It was the first episode of season 4. Maybe they got a new writer? I'll check...they did get some new writers in season 4, but that episode was written by the head writer of the whole series. Ah, well. Things will probably get better once the season gets rolling. They can't screw up the last season with David Tennant, right? Right.

Oh, AAAAAAAND, I interviewed for a part-time nanny position this morning, and am now being scheduled for a trial day next week. WOOHOO! I was feeling broke as a joke, and I've already moved back in with my folks. ;-)


Okay, well, I should get off of here. It's getting late, and I'm tired from being at the gym so long. I had it to myself THE WHOLE TIME, because there was a graduation ceremony tonight. Naturally, I relished this rarity and sang Family Force 5 lyrics out loud as much as I wanted.

I'm also crashing a bit, because DID YOU KNOW THAT THE EXON HAS ANY SIZE DRINKS FOR 79 CENTS? IT'S AMAZING! I got Jon, Isaac, and myself huge 32 oz. sodas. :DDDDDD

Anyway, I'm going to go wind down....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Pictures

Mother Joan and Howard went to church with us for Mother's Day. They also came over for lunch (pizza and salad!). Mother Joan made pound cake and Arizona cheesecake! The cheesecake was sweetened with Stevia, and I couldn't even tell! 

Mother Joan and I.

Mom and Mother Joan. 

Mom cooked bacon for her  and I that night. She was saying, "Now I just need a cigarette hanging off of my lip." Ha ha! I also think that Dad on his laptop in the background is pretty funny. 

JON CAME HOME THAT NIGHT! I was so excited. He brought lots of plants, shells, and other interesting things home with him. The snake skin isn't even the coolest thing. The coolest was the cow head. I don't have a picture of that, though. So, take my word for it. It's pretty cool to turn around and see Jon holding the skull of a cow. 

My present for Mom arrived today. I got her the movie, Sorority Boys! We both watched it together a long time ago during a dark hour of our lives, and thanks to it we were able to laugh and forget for a little while. It will be good to watch it again together.

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Relaxing with Megan, making decorations for a party her mom hosted. 

And I finally got a bulletin board. It's something I've been wanting for a while.

Then I came home from Megan's to some stressful news, and Michaela came over a couple days later to cheer me up. :)

It worked.

Frying up some plantains and eggs!

Dad was doing laundry and The Zombie Dance while we were making breakfast. #reasonswhydadwillalwaysbecoolerthanme

Confession time: I watched an episode of Lost with Mom tonight instead of finishing the third Mummy movie with Jon. The bright side is I realized afterwards that I'm over it. I'm over the distraction. SO. OVER. IT.

I talked with a couple friends today and this evening about my television show addiction. They were encouraging. I can get over this hump in my life.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Rude Gym Rats

I had a protein shake before I went to the gym, and I had the best work-out I have had since I can remember. I also almost threw-up on a weight machine. So...pros and cons?

I think that the almost throwing up came from my sleep schedule still not being right. I don't let myself sleep during the day, though. It will get there eventually.

Wesley, my personal trainer before I quit my job, showed up while I was stretching. It was good to see him. I had been thinking during my leg exercises that there were definitely a couple pros and cons to not working with Wesley anymore. The main con is not having Wesley there during my leg exercises, when I'm not using any machines and have to create my own space. He provided a bubble around us, and no one would interrupt. Wesley was also good at turning around and giving a guy the eye if he seemed to be looking our way too much.

Now I'm on my own. And today, the guy who was working out in front of the mirrors while I was did not know how to say "excuse me". Rude. He was just rude in general. Rude, rude, rude,

I thought that it might be in my head, but then another guy came in later. The difference was pretty noticeable in his gym manners.


A pro is taking my own sweet time during my work-out and stretching. I'm getting tired, so I can't think of anymore. I spent my energy in the blog on venting. :-P Oh, wait, and listening to my music while doing cardio. Family Force 5 pushes me past my walls. "RIP IT UP, RIP IT UP! DON'T STOP UNTIL IT'S OVER!"

I started Hot Fuzz with Jon tonight, who got back yesterday. I've been wanting to watch it for a few days. The dedicated and uncompromising nature of Nicholas is inspiring to me. We got 22 minutes through before Jon started to drift off. I'll probably finish tomorrow while doing some laundry.

I'll tell of last week and share pics from then soon.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Invitations Strengthen Friendships

I wanted to say that I have some of the sweetest friends in the world.

I won't share why, but I have been upset and stressed about something lately, and it keeps me begging God for help. I shared in my April post, Trying not to stiffen, how I find myself doing this often, but lately, because of private happenings, it feels almost constant.

I canceled a trip I was making to a friend's house this evening to spend the night. Leaving the house isn't something I can do right now. I called up Michaela to let her know that I was upset, and invite her to come visit this weekend if she wanted. It seemed like a weak invitation, since I can't see myself being super fun company right now. But she called me back and prodded me till I shared a bit of what was going on. She said that unless I wanted to be alone, she wanted to come stay a night to pray with me and visit. I was so relieved.

Man, I appreciate the friendship of the Body of Christ. I feel that I am still learning everyday to open up. The Wooden House dream has really helped me a lot. I have been welcoming people to come over more. I didn't realize it before the dream, but I wasn't good about inviting people over because I didn't think they would want to come over. Isn't it funny how our insecurities can trap us so blindly?

The truth is that I already live in that wooden house. Making friends can be easy right now if I am willing to open up my heart.

"Bear one another's burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2

"Truly I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven. Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst." Matthew 18:18-20

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Unplugging My Life

I just went and read my blog post about my dreams about my downtime. I had forgotten all about that dream! I have been watching a lot of television lately, when I know that there are others things that I need to be doing to prepare for this summer. I will be able to get through the summer more easily if I go ahead and start prioritizing now.

I read this interview of my favorite music artist, Jessy Ribordy, today.

When he shared that his inspiration for his art comes from his hikes, it inspired me to once again want to get out of all the media I have been ingesting. I feel like leaving Facebook was that first step, but I still find it hard to pull away from television. Do I stop completely? Do I just need to set strong limits in that area? I don't know, but I do know that it inhibits me. And if something inhibits you from doing what you need to be doing, is it an addiction?

In my search for a different music artist's new music video, I found an article about how creativity comes from boredom. That article then had a link for a similar article Was this a coincidence? I think not.

I have been working to regulate my sleep schedule for the past two days. I don't know how long it is going to take, but I figure that if I wake up at the same time everyday, eventually I will fall asleep at a decent hour as well. I hope "eventually" comes soon, because today my skin looked awfully gray. I gotta watch my health.

On another note, it was really nice to read so many long articles/posts today.  My posts usually get long, and I know that with all this ADD/ADHD talk lately I rarely see length on the web/newspapers, or magazines.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Rocket Summer and Switchfoot Concert!

I got back from the Switchfoot and The Rocket Summer concert in Athens a couple hours ago. Oh, yes.

Not being able to sleep, I ditched Megan upstairs (I don't feel too guilty, since she's asleep) to come tell you all about it! Oh, yes. So, with a shot of Jon's Pineapple soda, and my new The Rocket Summer songs making my ears happy, I'm ready to write.

Megan and I fangirled all during getting ready. Switchfoot is Megan's favorite band, and probably my third. I was excited to see The Rocket Summer, too. Bryce Avary has a way of always making his songs joyful and fun, but I didn't have an idea of the extent of his talent until his set. More on that later....

Since Jon is out of town, he gave me control over who got his ticket. I decided that Mom needed a night out, and I'd been missing her, so she went with us and joined the fangirling.

After finding a parking spot on a crowded parking deck, we made our way to the back of the line waiting to get in. 

Once inside, we sprung on a spot behind the soundboard. No tall people in front of us, and a great view of the show!

The Rocket Summer opened! Bryce Avary's creativity and bravery was inspiring. After playing a couple songs, he played a song by himself, jumping from instrument to instrument, layering melodies with the audience clapping along. It was amazing!
He can also sing live like you won't believe. I couldn't believe the notes he was hitting with such ease! Jon Foreman can't quite do offense. His is more of a Bob Dylan appeal in my opinion. 
I only took one picture during the beginning of his set. It came up so bad that I decided to just enjoy the music.

While the stage hands were getting ready for Switchfoot, it was time for more fangirling.


I am always in awe of how Jon Foreman can inspire the crowd so easily. It's like he speaks into each person individually, letting them know that they can do whatever it is they have to do. At least, that's what I get out of it each time.

He ofcourse had to climb around the venue like a monkey. He gave a little speech about how he lives for awkward moments. He then proceeded to say something really awkward about the men in the crowd growing mustaches like Chad, and the women hopefully not growing any mustaches at all. The crowd cheered enthusiastically and he said, "You're all cheering for awkwardness! I love it!"

When Switchfoot's set was definitely over, and our fangirling had subsided a little, I hit up the merch table. Bryce Avary was standing beside his merch table, and I requested a shirt and album from the girl working. She asked which album, and I saw that Bryce Avary was listening to me making my purchase. I asked him which album, but I guess I put him on the spot. He ultimately decided on his latest one. I told him that he had a great creative anointing, and that Mom had even started hearing words and music in her head when he came on stage. His anointing just flowed out onto the crowd. He said that a lot of people were saying things like that to him tonight, and seemed excited. He signed my shirt and wrote my name on it. "Jenny!"
I forgot to get a picture with him (I always forget!), and he is coming back to Georgia while I'm at a music festival this summer, but I'll remember when he comes back to Athens. He told me that he really wants to come back.

So an awesome night to remember! I'm for sure keeping track of The Rocket Summer's future tours, and hopefully I see Switchfoot again soon! :-D

(The Rocket Summer is still tingling my eardrums. Oh my gosh. GET SOME! He has a free acoustic album on his website if you're broke as a joke. Just click DOWNLOAD. )

Monday, May 7, 2012

Scalding Hot Coffee

Jon is on a class trip this week, so I watched Micah alone. He slept almost the entire time anyway, during which I stayed close and watched The X-Files. I finished the 1st season! But, now I find that I can't watch the show without getting a craving for eggs and salad. The price I pay for eating and watching at the same time.

I went to the gym tonight. I have physical goals, but will have to work harder to reach them. I still want to get in shape to get my dancing technique back, so I've been stretching for a long time after each work-out.

Cutting back on sugar has made me feel a lot better. I'm not surprised, since it helped so much last year. During the game yesterday, I found that I wasn't running out of energy, and believe it had to do with my diet.

Today (and I have been doing this any day that I am home for long hours) I depended heavily on decaf coffee. I've been having 3 cups twice a day. I always put creamer in it, sometimes cocoa. When I need comfort, I turn to it instead to something sweet.

Scalding Hot Coffee. That's where it's at.

I always blog right when I'm about to pass out. I should do this earlier.

Frisbee, Football, and Soccer

The party yesterday was a lot of fun. Jon went with me, and he enjoyed the free salsa and chips. I enjoyed the free strawberry shortcake, a little break from my cutback on sugar. The party was an engagement party for two of my close friends, Matt and Michaela. They are so cute! It's fun to see them together after a long, tortured time of not telling each other how they really felt. AT LAST, HAPPINESS!

The location of the party was at a park. Jon had brought his frisbee, and two other friends had brought a football and a soccer ball. These three items birthed a game that had no name or rules, except to keep all three items moving at all times. I was hit a few times, which is no surprise to me. I seem to be more likely to get hit in the head with a frisbee than to actually catch it. Then there was the football and soccer ball. Now, I haven't played soccer since before middle school, but I would kick it when I could (but, I mostly just chased it down a hill). The football was another story. After several times of just watching it hit the ground in front of me, I asked a friend how to throw it. He showed me, but I still couldn't catch it. I hurt my fingers the first time I actually tried, and after that I was just faking the trying. "My bad."

Jon said that it was the most fun he had in a while. I didn't point out the fact that he had almost had his head taken off a couple times by flying objects. He was the tallest person on the field, so an easy target, although, I don't think anyone wanted to actually hit him. I threatened all of them with my wrath the second time Jon narrowly avoided the bright light.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ready to Go

I'm going to a party tomorrow, and I was honestly not feeling up to it. But I am going to it, and I want to be in a good mood with my friends. So, I solved my problem. I washed my car.

Now I'm ready to go.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wooden House Dream

So, I wanna live in a wooden house

Where making more friends would be easy

I wanna live where the sun comes out

I have always loved these lines from Coldplay's song "We Never Change". I pictured this wooden house being out in the mountains somewhere, and friends I have and friends I make would come visit me often. We would grow closer than we are now. Life in a wooden house would make life seem fuller, because of these friendships.

Well, the last scene of the dream I had a few nights ago had me living in a wooden house. The house was located in a forest, was two stories, and had a front porch with stairs that led down to the forest floor. I remember it was fall, because the trees were mostly bare, there were piles of leaves that had yet to settle into the forest floor, and I was wearing a sweater. I had recently bought the house, lived only on the second floor, and was all settled. I remember my front door was open, and I was looking down into the forest. 

I suddenly turned away from the door and started pacing the room. I said, "Wait. Why have none of my friends come to see me? I bought a wooden house, and they STILL won't come."

I then realized that if they didn't come before, they wouldn't come now, just because I lived in a wooden house.

I looked outside again, and saw that a terrier was foraging on the ground. I figured he was lost, and started to call him up. I turned to get a dish of water when I saw movement on the stairs. When I turned back around, though, a big black dog bounded into the room. He acted aggressive, but never bit me. The dream ended there.

My bff's do visit me, just so no one misinterprets why I posted this. I have spent a lot of time reflecting on this dream, and it made me think about how we often think that things would be different if we moved somewhere else, had more money, had more resources, or had a different job. Would we be happier? No, because if you aren't happy now, then you clearly are not using what you have to it's fullest. It is up to us to have good priorities now. We should not wait to create good habits when things get better. Things get better because we have good priorities and habits. So start with changing your lifestyle, and go from there. 

Friday, May 4, 2012


I felt pretty down physically today, so I rested up by watching Fireproof. I thought that the message was pretty powerful, and it made me think about what I do everyday to make my life better. Or do my activities hold me back? The movie makes you think about your own life, even if you aren't married. I recommend it!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Confessions and Wishes

This afternoon Jon and I watched Baby Micah again. He is so cute!!!

I finished the bag of Reese's miniatures today. My self-control is almost nonexistent when it comes to chips and chocolate candy. Also, some cupcakes. 

While I'm confessing, I'll also say that I watched 5 episodes of The X-Files. I usually only watch one at a time, but the shows are focusing more and more on Skully's and Moulder's personal lives. IT'S EXCITING! I'm still in the first season, but am already convinced that I have a good science fiction series to watch for the first time in forever (I just finished the 3rd season of Doctor Who, but it feels more like an epic adventure series than science fiction to me, mainly because it comes across so glamorous.). I started the first season of Fringe once, but it isn't streaming on Netflix. I am very happy to have The X-Files, though. Raw and creepy is what I need right now.

At the gym today, I suddenly realized that I missed not having dancing technique anymore. I fell out love with that scene back then, but I have been having frequent flashbacks to how awesome it felt to be in class and have finished a combination that took so much concentration. I'm going to start working to get my technique back. It is something that I worked hard to obtain, and my parents spent a lot of money and time to make sure that I had access to it. And, I really was good. I didn't believe it then, but looking back, I see it now. It is sad how I believed the words that all the wrong people spoke into me, and refused all of the good ones. It is even more sad that many of these wrong words came from my own self. 


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Making Some Treats

I'm still eating Greek yogurt in the morning, and feeling great! I also feel like baking again, which is something I haven't felt like doing in several years. I would do it, but it didn't feel like therapy like it had then. Sometimes it would just make me more stressed. But I miss the days when I would listen to The Snowman soundtrack year round and bake just for the heck of it, and not for any sort of specific craving.

I had bought this cookbook for Mom in 2010 for Mother's Day. She had specifically requested a cupcake recipe book. I know that the idea of baking is appealing to her, but the time and energy to do so isn't there, so she hasn't made any cupcakes yet. I'm pretty curious, though, to know what these cupcakes taste like. So, I've decided to go through the cookbook myself. There are different variations to many of the recipes, which is why it says "500" on the cover. I don't plan to do all of the variations, so there won't be 500 batches of cupcakes.

The first batch, Spanish Orange Syrup Cupcakes, taste like really sweet cornbread. Dad ate 1. I ate 2. Mom had a bite of one of mine, and Jon ate 3. No complaints, and Dad especially likes it because it isn't so sweet and rich that you feel weighed down after you eat one. 

An another note, a package arrived yesterday for Dad. It contained many bags of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures. Jon and I were standing nearby shaking our heads with mild disapproval. We did, however, happily catch the bag that Dad tossed each of us. The sofa cushion beside me contains many wrappers.

All in all, it was a good day. Cupcakes were made, Jon and I watched baby Micah this afternoon, and I started my college application for the school I'm transferring to in the fall. Looking forward to tomorrow, although I have been helping Mom with Micah tonight, who woke about an hour ago. He usually sleeps through the night, but his growing body seems to be shifting his little schedule around. Poor little guy. So, I don't know when tomorrow will start for me, but I think it's going to be good. 

Getting Outside

I wanted to get outside yesterday. It was Jon's first day off from school, so we went to Fort Yargo Park located in Winder, GA. 

We weren't 5 minutes on the trail, when Jon and I spotted a cute turtle! He was headed toward the trail so fast that I thought he was a squirrel. We watched him hurry across the trail, stopping one last time to turn and look at us before continuing towards the lake.

During our approximately 3 hour walk, Jon and I also spotted 3 rabbits, 1 beaver, 2 salamanders, 1 green spider, numerous birds, and almost countless numbers of lizards, skinks, and newts. And, well, I'll save the best for last. ;-)

Nearing on halfway through our walk, we happened upon a field. In case you haven't heard, fields are for frolicing. 

As Jon was admiring the wildlife during our walk, he kept wishing out loud that a snake would appear. Two-thirds of the way, there one was. Jon exclaimed, "Thank God!" He chased the lethargic creature off the trail before a bike came by.

Jon and I started racing during the last leg of the trail, but I stopped to rest on a bench overlooking the lake. The bench being right beside the road, and Jon still going ahead, I decided to telepathically let him know what I wanted.

I'm going to stay here. Come pick me up.

I had the view of the lake during the gloaming to entertain me until Jon's truck pulled up. I got into the car, and said, "I decided to tell you telepathically that I wanted to wait for you here."

Jon nodded his head, all serious, and replied, "I know. It's funny, but I did actually hear you tell me that you wanted me to come pick you up while you waited there. I doubted that I had heard it, but then I decided to come."

Then we went on home, smelly, happy, and hungry.

We'll pack snacks next time. The absence of Dad was apparent.