Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Puzzle pieces

Been wanting to post for a while, but I have so much to say. It's my blog though, so what the hay.

I have realized that I had not let go of The Well and the wonderful group of people that I met there. I was subconsciously expecting the meetings, or something like it, to happen again. But I realize that it is not, and I realize that life is going on without me. I have been spiritually in the same spot I feel for months, although I know that is not true. God is teaching me a lot right now, the main thing being listening to the wisdom He has given me without feeling like I have to wait for his promptings. If I see something that needs to be done, I should just do it. And if something needs to be said, I should say it. God trusts me, and it is time I learn to trust myself.

So I have begun church hunting. I haven't attended a church yet, but I am looking to go this Sunday if all goes well with my work schedule. I need to move on, let go, not expect what I expected before from the group of friends I had made the past several years. It is a new season, and I need to embrace this fact. I need to come to terms with the truth that I need a support group spiritually, something I have not had in a long, long time. But no fear! Wisdom is here, and kicking me off the couch and into the community.

I also can't get Same Kind of Different As Me (the book and true story) out of my head. It is about a homeless man, and though it touched my heart as I read it, a few months later it is breaking my heart. I have to do something. I have to go help in some way. The day after I realized this, I got wind from a friend that there is an amazing soup kitchen (or something similar) that is fairly close. I could go help! I really want to, not for the bragging, but for the lives that could be change and affected by Jesus in me. Jesus is in all Christians, and he makes us exist with a piece of the puzzle. I'm just on my way to finding out where that puzzle piece fits.

That is how I feel about church hunting. I may not get it right the first tries, but there is a piece that fits with mine! I just need to keep bumping into other pieces to make sure until I find the right one. It may take a week, it may take years. There is a piece that fits this one though, and it is the same colors as mine, and helps make a beautiful pattern.

So away I go.

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