Monday, July 9, 2012

Mister Rogers, drop me a line.

I kept waking up last night from my dream into another dream where I was in bed. Every time I woke into the dream, I would see James Stewart sitting in front of my dresser using my laptop. I would watch him until I fell back asleep. He was typing so gracefully, it looked like he was playing the piano.

 At one point, I woke up and he turned towards me. It was then that I saw that he was actually not James Stewart at all, but Mister Rogers! He looked at me, smiled, and reached a hand towards me. "Jenny! How are you?"

I sat up slowly, surprised and a little frightened that he had seen me. I was still having trouble not falling back into my second dream, and now I wondered if this was even a dream at all! Mister Rogers was making eye contact with me while addressing me, which doesn't happen to me in dreams.

I said, "I'm good..." and I crawled to the edge of the bed to take his hand, waiting to feel nothing, as I usually do. He rolled his chair closer so I could reach, and this time I felt his hand!

"Is this a dream?"

"Yes, Jenny, this is a dream."

"Then how are you here in my room talking to me?"

"Because we are both in the same service."

I thought about that for a second, and realized that he was talking about being Christians. I thought, Mister Rogers is so clever.

Mister Rogers gently said, "Jenny, I came here to tell you that some things that you think are okay are not okay."

He started explaining a lot of things to me, but I couldn't focus. I was fighting to stay in the room.

I reached out my hand to stop him. "Mister Rogers, I am not going to remember this. Is there any way you could send it to me later?" I gestured towards my laptop on the dresser to imply using email. I doubted he could, though, since he is dead in our world, and there probably wasn't a way to link up to the internet from heaven (smh, my dream logic).

He smiled, "Sure! I can, because we are in the same service."

"Really? Oh, good."

Mister Rogers continued, "So you need to be aware..."

And I let my head rest on my bed as his voice got further and further away until I was back in my other dream.

When I finally did wake up, I found that I could not, indeed, remember what Mister Rogers had said wasn't okay for me to do. I do remember that it made sense at the time he explained it to me, like, Oh, duh. Ofcourse that wouldn't be okay. I'm not sure what I was thinking.

Having weird things happen to me in the past where my dreams meet reality, or I hear a voice telling me to check for something, and that thing is there, I did check my email several times today. Not for anything from Mister Rogers, but just for ANYTHING. All I discovered was that Belk is having a big sale on Tuesday....

This is going to bug me.

So, God, you're going to have to explain it all to me again. And if you want to top having Mister Rogers visit me, feel free. :o)

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