Thursday, October 14, 2010

The chair

Maybe it's because I just finished reading a Douglas Adam's book. Maybe it's because it's late. Maybe these are things I'm subconsciously doing ALL THE TIME. Whatever the reason, I am experiencing something odd right now. Since I was on facebook at the time of the beginning of the incident, this is my new status.

"Do empty chairs ever stare at you or at least adopt a personality? I've got three staring at me right now. One truly wants to stare at me, one is losing interest, and the other never wanted to in the first place, but didn't want the other two to think it was weird. Then there is a separate one who wants to have a conversation with me but I am ignoring it.."

At first I thought I was amusing myself with an absurdly pointless fantasy. Then the personality on the "separate [chair]" moved. It literally shifted positions. Then, as if wanting to make sure I was truly paying attention, it stood up and walked a couple paces to the right. The other three chairs were suddenly just chairs. The standing personality kept trying to engage me and I'm thoroughly boggled and thinking I need to head to bed when...

...suddenly, it walks around the desk and stands next to me and lays an understanding hand on my shoulder. No, this can't be real...wait. Yes. There is warmth there.


"Jenny, we need to have a talk."

I am exiting the internet for the night, but knew I had to blog about this. Whether or not you believe this "personality" is Jesus or not does not matter. The point I really need to spell it out?

I know facebook isn't bad. It's not evil. Please know I'm not trying to get all legalistic about the internet. It won't keep me from spending time with Jesus unless I let it. But that is the point. I let it. So to bed I go.


(a pretty song)


  1. wowwwwww, I completely see the irony in my comment now. I think God was talking to me through my chair too... Thank you so much for sharing this, I think it's time for some more me and God time now. No facebook allowed. XD

  2. *laughs* WOW is SO right! It's been beaten into my head in the last couple of days just how much I need to come closer to God... Thank you for the encouragement, Jenny. :) You're a gem. :)

  3. Thanks you two for the wonderful encouragement.