Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Like Jewels

I was talking to God about my body a couple weeks ago. Sometimes the devil tries to convince me that it is not beautiful. In fact, sometimes I believe that I am downright ugly.

Jesus tells me that this is far from true. When I read Song of Solomon, I am reminded of the wonder of God's creation.

So anyway, here I am in my car, discussing my insecurities with God. I say, "God, I know girls who put pictures of thin and slim girls on their walls for motivation. I don't believe that I'm supposed to be like that. You told me that you like my curves and that they are 'like jewels'. And besides, I could sit on a bench ALL DAY!"

I don't expect God to interject any words or advice into my rant, but he does anyway. He says, "You should put pictures of Marilyn Monroe on your walls."

"...Huh?" I am not sure if I am hearing correctly. This is not fitting into my definition of "Godly advice".

"You should put pictures of Marilyn Monroe on your walls. She would motivate you to embrace your curves and realize that you are truly beautiful."

"Oh.... Well, I don't have any pictures of her and don't know where I could find any."

So the conversation ended there, but definitely stuck with me.

I'm not sure if it was that night or the following night, but God sent me the opportunity to put Marilyn Monroe in all her (clothed) glory on my wall. I was in Walmart with my older brother getting a vacuum filter and other various home necessities when I saw a rack of calendars. Seeing them next to the light bulbs surprised me and I looked through them.

I picked up a John Wayne calendar and there she was! Hiding behind Elvis Presley and Justin Bieber was Marilyn Monroe! 16 curve-filled months were less than $5 away!

Before I could decide whether or not this was a God opportunity or just an excuse to spend money on myself during this holiday season, I noticed that my brother had disappeared. So I went to find him and did not return for the calendar.

I did however return today. :-)

Even though the world's opinion on what defines beauty is constantly changing, God's is constantly constant: All of his creation is beautiful.

(I heard this song on the radio tonight. I did not know that this side of Adele existed!)

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