Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"This time I am going to do it right."

I am going to blog more and keep my friends up to date. I really am. :)

I am officially a student again at Athens Technical College. This summer is a transition quarter, since the college is switching to semester hours in the fall. This means that the summer quarter is only 1 month long! Because of this, I am only taking one class, which is statistics. Apparently is it a math class, which tells me that I know nothing about statistics, because it sounded more like a discussion class to me.

I am very excited about going back to school. A couple months ago I was reading the Chicken Soup for the College Soul book that I received upon graduating high school. It made me sad to look back at the last several years I had spent in college as I read the heartwarming stories, because I saw how I did not take full advantage of most of my classes. I knew that this was partly because I was not in a major that I loved, but I was not blind to the fact that I had a very passive attitude towards school. I made great grades, and finished with honors, but this was only because I am lucky enough to be able to hammer out papers while pulling an all-nighter, and retain information well when cramming for a test that is in a few hours. I did love a lot of my social work classes, but I was not seeing bigger picture. The bigger picture is that I need the information I was learning for the future. I need it now.

This time I am going to do it right. This time I am going to be all in, baby!

I am also reading the chapter in a technical writing textbook on how to write a winner resume. I want to get a part-time job as a social worker or something similar. So this is what I am working on this week, my resume. Yay!

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