Saturday, June 9, 2012


I am way more easily stressed than I thought I was. Not something I wanted to discover about myself.


I'm still not doing good at taking time for myself. Still watching some television shows here and there instead. I'm sure that this is linked to all of the stress. I'm not watching as much television as I was, though. And I'm reading more. I even visited my favorite spot in the wood out behind my house last week.

I guess I'm just tired.

I decided to learn how to cook. I made two chicken pot pies, and it took me two seconds to realize that I KNOW NOTHING. They still turned out good though, thanks to Mom and Dad's help...and all the cheese.

School is starting to kick my butt some. But I can do it. And I loooove my job. Kids have a way of blowing my mind. This motivates me to keep pushing at school. Eventually I'll meet my goals.

Going running with Dad in a few hours. Goodnight!

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