Sunday, June 10, 2012

Watch me walk like a Sasquatch.

Dad and I talk and talk out on the trail this morning, and time flew by! Suddenly we were back at my car, and he told me that I had gone over 6 miles. Awesome.

Plus I had this song stuck in my head the whole run. DEAD SARA ALL THE TIME.

He continued back onto the trail while I started driving out of the park. Dad likes to do looong runs on the weekend, so he was no where near done. We had taken separate cars so I could leave early.

So I'm driving through the park when I see movement to my right. It's Dad loping out towards the road, arms dangling, legs swinging. He is doing The Sasquatch Walk that I had been doing all morning every time we had to cross a road. I yelled "AAAAHHHH!" and honked my horn at him.

Why is my dad so cool?

Running and talking with Dad made me feel less stressed. It helped to let the trail pull all of my thoughts out of my head, making me relax and realize that everything was okay and everything was pretty normal. Staying in your own head too much can make you crazy. You have to process and sort through all of the junk to come to the conclusion of what thoughts are the truth and what thoughts can be written off as you just over thinking everything.

I'm supposed to watch The Avengers with my brothers later today. I think it's going to be awesome, especially since I can stop watching as soon as Thor enters a scene and be perfectly satisfied that my ticket was money well spent.

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  1. Oh . . . just . . . got a little tear here . . .

    There I got it.