Monday, November 2, 2009

Let's be secure!

Let's know who we are! Who God has made us to be!

Let's know that God really wants us to need Him, to ask Him for help, to let Him be with us always.

Let's be happy! Let's shine bright! Let's know now the pleasure of just being here. in the moment.

Let's know that this moment, this place, is where God longs for us to be! It's where He has placed us for a purpose! and that purpose is to LOVE HIM! to hang with Him! chillaxin.

If we, if I, remember this, if I am able to hold fast to the Hope, then I will surely never lose sight of Him.

And when things get tough, which they have, which they will, I will see Him here with me. And that will be my assurance, my joy, and my laughter. My strength is to abide in Him, and Him in me.

Because I realized in the wee hours of the morning why I have felt a bit distant from God. I have been trying not to need Him "too much". Trying to to lean on Him "too much". Not to need His constant assurance, His loving arms for comfort, His shoulder to cry on, His ears to pour my soul into, His mouth to whisper endearments.

His words to warm my heart, His kisses to seal our love, His light to brighten my life.

So when I finally told Him what was troubling me, and admitted that I needed help, that I needed help, because I really can not do anything about it, I was suddenly embraced and comforted beyond words. I was suddenly laughing and filled with relief! I was suddenly told I was understood, and that everything is always okay, because He holds me so tight, with such a fierce protection.

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