Thursday, October 29, 2009

Multiple Baskets

I actually made a video, for the first time in forever. I balked at making it for a few months, but God finally got through to me lol. here is the link

Also, I feel like this is also related to the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25. That I need to use what God has given me and quit letting it lay dormant.

Something neat that happened: I prayed for this guy who works at Kroger a few months ago, because he came in one day when he wasn't working, and I was there shopping. He was using crutches, and I felt a pain in one of my legs. I thought maybe this was a word of knowledge. Well, I approached him, and his OTHER leg was actually the one hurt. He had survived a motorcycle accident, his motorcycle was actually in half. His knee was really messed up. I ended up praying for him anyway, and had a word that he had a lot of destiny. He shared that he felt this accident was a wake-up call from God, and that the time spent waiting for his knee to heal he could concentrate more on the "destiny". He had already known that he had a certain destiny, and my word seemed to be conformation.

Still, the whole time he acted really shifty, nervous, and uncomfortable, even though he seemed fine with me praying for him.

I didn't see him for a long time. But today I went to Kroger and saw him working one of the cash registers. I honestly did NOT want to talk to him, because I thought it would be weird, since he had acted kinda weird before.

When it was time for me to check-out, I saw two cash registers open. His was empty, and the other had someone with a buggy in it. Another lady reached the cash registers first, and instead of going to the empty one, she went to the one that was already busy! Unusual.

So I had no choice it seemed, and proceeded to the register. He greeted me with a big smile and I thought that maybe he didn't remember me. We asked eachother how the other was, the usual pleasantries, and after he said, "good" he added "better" with a bit of emphasis. So I knew he remembered me. We talked a bit about his recovery, and the whole experience was really great and validating! He was really genuine and glad to see me! I'll get to see him often because I like to go to Kroger, because my family gobbles everything up before I can unload it out of the car.

So yay! Yet another Kroger friend lol.

Current song on repeat.

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