Monday, October 12, 2009


So I really want a tattoo...who wants to hold my hand when I get one?

My body is NOT adjusting to me wanting to go to bed early. I'm exhausted, so I got to bed. But I just toss and turn in bed for a couple hours, get up and read or youtube a litte, then go back to bed only to toss and turn again for another hour.

Hopefully, tonight will be a different story.

Hung out with Dad in the den tonight talking about the races he just ran. He makes me LAUGH! It was nice, because I'm kinda bummed that Jon and Isaac spend SO much time on the Xbox and we don't hang as much. I didn't realize how upset I was about it until I yelled at both of them today for no apparent reason. Go me! that really makes them want to get off that white box huh? I should probably talk to them about it...I tend to be passive aggressive instead of assertive. I know this. I should do something about that pray.

I'm tired. maybe I'll go sleep :-)

1 comment:

  1. I feel you on that Xbox thing. I hate to come down hard on the boys but I'm thinking about it.

    More exercise will help with that sleep thing. Let's go running! :)