Tuesday, January 26, 2010


God is SO much more chillax then we realize. There's coffee time, there's pruning, there's skateboarding...(for new readers, this is not supposed to make sense).

A couple nights ago, I went to bed and kept thinking about how much time I had wasted that day. There seemed to be so many things that I had not gotten accomplished that I had told myself I would do.

God suddenly interrupted me and said, "You were so productive today!"


"You got a lot done today! Think about it."

I started thinking through the day, focusing instead what I had done. I realized that He was right! I had gotten some important things done. I had spent time with God, survived my classes, other various little things. All of that was important to God! Sure, I could have done better, but God was NOT even thinking that. He was cheering me on the whole time!

His mindset is so different from ours! Why do I keep forgetting that He isn't shaking His head at me? He is pleased with me. Here is some more of Hebrews 11.

"By faith Enoch was translated so as not to see death, and was not found because God translated him. For before his translation, he had obtained witness to have been pleasing to God. But without faith it is impossible to please God. For it is right that the one drawing near to God should believe that He is, and that He becomes a rewarder to the ones seeking Him out." Hebrews 11:5-6

Then last night, God said, "You are My ideal."

I said, "God, I'm not perfect!"

He responded, "My ideal is not about being perfect. It's about loving Me!"


It's a complete paradigm shift for me. God does not want perfection from me! He wants love, a relationship. And I'm allowed to give myself a pat on the back after a normal weekday. God says I did amazing, He says I'm His ideal. And "if God said it, I believe it, and that settles it." - Matthew Tate

Susan Boyle rocks my world

And though I may not know the answers
I can finally say I am free
And if the questions led me here, then
I am who I was born to be

And so here am I
Open arms and ready to stand
I've got the world in my hands
And it feels like my turn to fly

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