Monday, January 11, 2010


I'm figuratively learning how to skateboard. I had a dream in which Jesus was teaching me how to skateboard, and I was falling a lot. He was patient and we didn't seem to be in a huge hurry to finish learning, but it was important. I was uncomfortable though with the skateboard, and didn't like falling, although falling wasn't a big deal to Jesus. He'd just urge me to get back on the skateboard and we'd go again. Suddenly I found I had on roller blades, and I was thinking "yes, I'll just roller blade! I like roller blading, I shouldn't have to fool with that skateboard, and I'm REALLY tired of constantly falling. I can get to where I need to be with the roller blades." I was now with a little girl and I started teaching her how to roller blade. I then found that I was uncomfortable with stopping on the roller blades.

What I realize is that when I decided to just stick with the roller blades, my comfort zone, Jesus was no longer with me. Now you may say, "It's good though that you were helping someone else learn this skill of roller blading." But is it really good? I don't think so. If Jesus is not with you, then what good is it? In Psalm 127, it says that everything done without God is done in vain.

So the difference between skateboarding and roller blading in Understanding The Dreams You Dream (a wonderful Christian book that is like a dictionary for dreams) is balance and speed. Sure, I already knew how to move around in roller blades and could move a lot quicker on them. Which meant I would reach my destination sooner. But in the end, I realized that it wasn't about the timing of my arrival, it was how I was going to get there. On a skateboard, I would have to have great balance and always pay careful attention to everything about my person. I think that stopping is significant too, since it was hard and scary for me to stop on roller blades. I can't be so focused on my destination that I stop paying attention to Jesus, who is my REAL destination. And sometimes He does like to stop me for whatever reason.

So skateboarding it is!

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