Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Place

I am very merry happy! God gave me the okay to go to The Well this weekend, which was AWESOME! I feel like I'm entering into a new season in which I'll be allowed to be there more. I'm excited about that, because I love my friends, and they love me. We build each other up, and I would not mind moving closer to them. I've often wondered if that is where God is going to have me move. We'll see...

On a more serious note, let me share what God has been revealing to me about, well, me. But I do believe others will probably relate. It seems that most of us are in a similar season of transition, and God preparing us for our destiny. Some of you may identify with this word I'm about to share.

This past Saturday, my prophetic anointing was woken up. My boss, El Parker, prophesied to me that I was going to be able to prophesy every hour. Not only did I then prophesy at work, I carried it over to The Well and even when we ate at IHOP afterwards. By Sunday, my friend Moshe I suppose was curious, and he asked me how this all came to pass. I told him, and being in the car with our mutual friend, Dorsey, Moshe suggested we play a game. He said, "You're going to get a word for one of us, but I'm not going to tell you who it is for, and after you say it I will tell you." I heard God start laughing, and wondered at what was so funny, but said what immediately came to mind anyway.

"I see you spinning around in circles, like a sick-cycle-carousel. You've been spinning around in a cycle over and over again. God just wants to reach right in and pull you out of that cycle and set you somewhere completely new, into a new place, a new thing, far away from that cycle so it has no power over you and can't touch you anymore."

After I said this, there was a pause. I had no idea to whom I had just prophesied. Moshe then turned and said, "Okay, so that word was for you."

I screamed "MOSHE! OH MY GOD! That is exactly what is going on with me right now!"

I couldn't believe that I had just prophesied to myself, and screamed at Moshe for the duration of the car ride, or so it seemed. I was pretty worked up.

I understood now why God had been suddenly burst out laughing.

I have definitely been caught of in a cycle for years now it seems. I have these days, like this weekend, in which I reach a higher level and am floating on a cloud. Then I suddenly come under attack, and can't seem to fight it off when it first starts. These attacks tend to come at me sideways. This last one came at me around 12:00 am on Tuesday. I was having many discouraging thoughts, hearing lies from the enemy, and the problem was that they made sense! But they did not align with the promises that God has made, so I knew they were lies. Still, the thoughts stayed with me until I was able to finally talk to my wonderful friend Dyan, and she prayed with me. Things that have happened in my life recently that looked negative to me, she showed me how they were actually positive, and said that she was pretty "jazzed" when she first heard about them. I realized that she was right. I am truly on the right path, and just need to keep my eyes on Jesus. Nothing bad has happened even, and there were never any signs of anything bad happening! It is amazing what the enemy can convince us of believing.

A verse that God has been speaking to my heart lately is Hebrews 11:1 especially, but also through to verse 3.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not being seen. For by this the elders obtained witness. By faith we understand the worlds to have been framed by the word of God, so that the things seen should not come into being out of things that appear."

(The whole chapter is about holding onto faith and the promises of God, it will really minister to those of you who feel your hope falling away)

I had always heard this verse and thought it was about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, because we can't see them. When I actually read the whole chapter a couple years ago, I realized that it was about promises from God. BUT, it was not until last week when I realized that it is talking about me! It's talking about you! It's talking about the promises that God has for us. You could look at my current situation and not see any SUBSTANCE or EVIDENCE of God's promises being fulfilled any time soon. But according to this verse, that DOES NOT MATTER! Because I have faith, because I believe that God knows the plans He has for me, I KNOW that He is keeping His promises to me even now! I just can't see it, and that is okay. I still believe.

God gave me a dream in the late summer of 2008 in which the perfect job fell directly into my lap, because God sent them my resume. That dream started being fulfilled last summer, was completely fulfilled in September. So over a year later, God fulfilled His promise. And while I was waiting, I would tell my friends, "I know I don't have a job right now, but that is okay, because God has the perfect job waiting for me." Some thought I was crazy, or just being lazy. But here I am with a job that is really stretching and equipping me spiritually, and I'm also able to use my dance talents, as well as learn useful administrator skills.

Here is a smaller example. At the end of 2009, as an act of faith, I thanked God for the new wardrobe that I was going to get in 2010. At the beginning of last week, Dad suddenly said, "Jenny, you should go shopping. You should take Mom with you and buy some new clothes." If you know Dad, you know that this was a BIG deal for him to give not only me permission to go shopping, but also take Mom! My mom, who will shop even after she drops!

Pray over the promises and words that you have received that have not happened yet. Call forth those things into being! Thank God in advance for what He is already doing that you just haven't been able to see yet. Claim it! Receive it!

As for me leaving this cycle, it's not GOING to happen. It's happening!

Oh, and talk about powerful! here is some glory sauce from youtube

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