Thursday, August 26, 2010


God showed me something tonight. He showed me myself, my spirit. I am no longer on this earth anymore, spiritually. He showed me earth, a small speck in the distance behind me. And here I was, in a vacuum being sucked forward out of the world. I am completely unattached to earth. I am free from all of the bounds it tried to latch onto me! I am looking forward and not holding myself back. I am with Jesus completely. Eternity.

But there is a danger. It is when I look back at earth. I can easily let myself, or parts of myself, slip backwards into it. But all I have to do is abide. God holds me in check.

My life is here with Jesus. Not there. HERE. I can't slip back into habits of being worried, even if others are worried. I will not hold myself back. I. Will. Live. HERE.

"Eternity's eternal song is drawing me and calling me away..."

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