Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"But it will be okay."

"I think I may have to drop a class." I have two tests on Wednesday and I am FREAKING inside.

God says, "Jenny, it's all going to be okay."

"How can it be? I have no time to study for TWO tests!"

"I know. But it will be okay."

"I just don't get you sometimes."

This is the conversation we had as I was walking into Biology lab on Monday. I had skipped the Biology class before to go ahead and start studying, and arrived to lab a few minutes late. When I entered the lab, my energetic friend, Debbie, rushes over to me. She had thought I wasn't going to show up at all since I didn't make it to class. At first she is talking about how we are going to have to do the activities without the other half of our group, since they seem to have definitely skipped. Then she notices how I am slumped over the table, my face telling the story of how I am NOT looking forward to this day at all.

"We can do this!" She exclaims. "We're just as smart as the other two."

"I know. Actually, we're smarter. I found that out last week when you weren't here. They wouldn't slow down long enough to let me do anything, then they did the activities wrong."


"Yes. But I just can't believe I have two tests on Wednesday."

Debbie stops flipping through her notebook and looks at me over her shoulder slyly, lowering her voice as if about to spill some juicy gossip. "He moved our test to NEXT Wednesday."

My jaw drops. An entire extra week to study and finish reading my text? As quickly as this information made its way through my ears to my brain was right when I recalled the conversation I had with God walking into lab. It really WAS going to be okay. I beamed back at Debbie as we snickered at our luck. I could now concentrate on the steps we were supposed to be following in the lab notebook.

"What's the first step?" I asked as I looked over Debbie's shoulder. And we sashayed around the lab like giddy teenage girls primping for a date, gathering our supplies together, and for the first time ever, actually having fun during Biology lab.

The power a viewpoint has on every moment in our lives. I have to remember that. It will ALWAYS be okay. No matter what.

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