Thursday, October 13, 2011


I made a B on my precalculus test last night. Yes! So excited.

I love that "it's a new day" feeling I get whenever I finish a test. It makes me want to push myself a little harder to get it right. I feel like the bee in Bee Movie who kept flying into the glass over and over, "This time, this time, this time!" Except there is no glass. I just gotta keep flying to make it past the window. :)

I have started having intercessory dreams again. Thank. The Lord. I had seriously not wanted them for the past few months, and that was cool with God. We had been working on other things anyway. But now I have been craving praying for others on a deep level again! It opens up my heart to love more, and helps me feel connected to others. I NEED that right now. I started listening to a lot of talk radio (The R!OT is my fave show) just to get some kind of people time. Praying helps an extrovert feel a little closer to other souls.

I really want a puppy. For the past two days I've been craving constant and loyal company. I know I can't get one right now because of time and money and living with my family, but one is so happening.

Looking forward to Cuba. I will definitely have my share of company then...I'll probably get sick of it, lol. But I want to be close to the body. I have definitely taken it for granted in the past. I need to get in there somehow.

I also want to watch The Thing. It actually isn't a horror, but an interesting science fiction movie. I looohahahaooooove sci fi. Which reminds me...I need to bump some sci fi shows up on Netflix.

Gotta love Hayley Williams.

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