Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas Tree

Hello friends.

I could not sleep at all for I was grieved of spirit. I did not know why I was grieving, but I finally listened to the Holy Spirit and left my bed to go the IHOP prayer room. I sat down and waited for Jesus to give me the understanding of what was happening. I almost immediately had this vision.

I saw a beautiful Christmas tree. It was not decorated, but fresh off the lot. A man full of zeal set the tree on fire and raised it up high. After a few moments, he pulled it back down and started hacking it to pieces with an ax in a very violent and angry manner.

I then saw Jesus standing a little ways behind the man and he was watching this scene. He was crying like I had only seen him cry once before, and I was surprised by his strong reaction. He spoke and said, “Why are they doing that to a tree? That is MY tree. Why are they doing that to my tree?” His voice was so broken.

He then turned to look at me, still crying, and said, “Why are they doing that to my tree? It isn’t about a tree, it’s just a tree. We aren’t fighting a tree! That was my tree.”

The vision ended. I knew that Jesus was referring to Christians who beat on Christmas because it has been set on the date of a pagan holiday, and many of the Christmas symbols are said to be taken from pagan symbols.

I still though did not understand what Jesus was trying to show me, so I asked for understanding. I then heard in my head, over and over, “Spirit of prophecy, spirit of prophecy, spirit of prophecy.” I listened, and told Jesus that I received WHATEVER he was trying to tell me, but I still did not understand.

So I asked for more understanding, and Jesus started reminding me of the great cloud of witnesses, and how they are always watching us and we are therefore even MORE not alone than we know. We not only have the Trinity and angels, but we also have the saints in heaven encouraging us and I believe praying for us. This was all great, but I still did NOT understand how ANY of this was connected. So I went to get some food.

I was talking to Mom on the phone after the food, and told her what I had seen. She immediately also felt that it was about Christians who put down Christmas before I even had to tell her what I thought. I then told her about Jesus repeating, “Spirit of prophecy”, into my spirit. She was quiet for a few moments before she said, “Do you know where that verse is that says “spirit of prophecy”. I didn’t, so she told me. It’s Revelation 19:10. John is having a vision of the saints in heaven in this verse, and one speaks to him. I’ll put down the verse 9 too.

“And he says to me, “Write: Blessed are the ones having been called to the supper of the marriage of the Lamb.” And he says to me, “These words of God are true.” And I fell before his feet to worship him, but he said to me, “Behold! Stop! I am your fellow-slave, and your brothers, having the testimony of Jesus. Worship God. For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”


I am afraid I do not know how to explain this verse fluently, but I believe I do know what it means, especially in terms of the vision I had. The testimony of Jesus has been given to us, the slaves to Jesus, to righteousness. When we worship God, we are testifying of Jesus. And the way in which we testify PROPHESIES of Jesus. That is our testimony. So..

When we, followers of Jesus, put up our Christmas tree, we are putting it up for Jesus. It is ALL done in celebration of his birth, no matter the date of the celebration. We do it with pure hearts for him, and are therefore TESTIFYING of Jesus, and are furthermore PROPHESYING. It is a form of worship, and we are worshipping The True King, and in my vision I saw Jesus claiming this tree as HIS. He is accepting our worship of him, and it grieves him that there are those who wish to tear it down.

Man, these are the times when I feel like my words are SO weak to explain what I am feeling. I just pray your eyes and ears are open to receive.

If you don't celebrate Christmas, for whatever reason, please do not bash Christmas for others. They do it for the King, and he LOVES their worship.

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  1. And what these legalistic Christians don't realize is that they are joining in with that same spirit of the world that is also trying to take down Christmas! Both of them are hacking away at the testimony of Jesus!