Friday, March 11, 2011

Dream about the Bridegroom coming to meet the Bride.

I had this dream last Wednesday, 3/02/11.

I get married to a man. He leaves before we have sex because he has to make sure a lot of things happen beforehand. He is gone for months, and I'm at my parents', waiting.

One evening, Dad and Mom approach me and Dad says, "Your husband is coming tomorrow and you'll both have sex for the first time. I'm leaving tomorrow to get him and bring him back." I know that my husband is at Dad's workplace, and that is where Dad will pick him up. Dad continues, "The neighbors will come over and make dinner for the two of you. Your mom and I will leave for the night so you two can have the place to yourself. Mom will help you put the bed together in the basement tomorrow."

Dad is happy for me, and it is then that I realize that I am heppy as well. I'm not at all scared or uncomfortable, and know that this is because my husband is the right man.

Dad turns and walks away, and I slowly make my way to the basement with Mom. I realize that I have to prepare my body for my husband, and know that I can't do it on my own and need Mom's help. I think, I'll get her to help me tomorrow after we set up the bed.

Mom and I both fall asleep on a couch in the basement, her on one side and I on the other with our legs in the middle. I wake up and remember today is THE day. I try to wake Mom up and think, we need to set up the bed and Mom still has to help me get my body ready. Our legs are connected, so I can not get up unless she gets up, and I can't get ready by myself. I keep putting my head back down though and forgetting, staying in a half-asleep state. Mom is even worse than me. I sit up several times and try to wake her up and myself up. I suddenly remember something else that I need to be ready for my husband that I need Mom's help getting. I think, I need to make a list so we won't forget what all we have to do. But I keep forgetting. There is a dog that belongs to my husband and I. He is sitting by a mattress and tiny pillow, the bedding that is waiting for Mom and I to put on the bed that isn't built yet. He is watching me intently and starts whimpering, wanting me to get up.

I finally remember what day it is long enough to reach over and pick up my phone to see what time it is. I am astonished and dismayed to see that it is 5:26 in the afternoon. I say this out loud to Mom, and my dog suddenly runs over and starts jumping up against me, whimpering more intensely, trying to get me to get off the couch. I ask Mom, "What time is Dad bring my husband? 8:30?" Mom shakes her head. "No."

"...Are they getting here later?"


"What time are they getting here then?"


Oh Crap. "Mom we need to get up! What is going on? How did we sleep in so late? The neighbors aren't even here yet preparing the dinner. The bed isn't even put together! We are not going to be ready in time!"

Then I woke up. It was 2:30 in the morning and I rolled over thinking, that was a weird dream. My dad was talking to me about having sex with my husband. So odd. Then God spoke to my spirit, "That dream was about getting ready for the bridegroom and you need to think about it." My eyes shot open. I didn't know what to do with myself because I suddenly had the same panicked "Oh Crap" feeling that I had in the dream. Then, out of no where, a very old fear crept onto me. It was an extremely demonic fear that I struggled with during my childhood. I hadn't felt it's presence in years. I asked God why it was here and he said, "Fear is what is keeping the Bride from getting ready." I started proclaiming Jesus is my protector and it fled. I then immediately got sleepy and didn't want to stay awake, but I now had the fear of the Lord to be awake, and I went downstairs to pray.

Mom came downstairs shy of 5 minutes later. She was surprised when she saw me and said, "God woke me up and said 'Get ready for the Bridegroom'. I didn't want to get up, but I heard the verse from Song of Solomon about the bride in bed not wanting to get her feet dirty and the groom peering through the window curtains.... So why are you awake?" I told her my dream.

She agreed with what I was already feeling. My dream is about how the younger generation CAN NOT get ready for the Bridegroom without the help of the older generation. We can not be ready in time unless we both get up and help each other. As a body, we are one and need each other. The youth of the church can not do it alone.

The hour is also later than we know, and Jesus is returning sooner than we think. As a body, we all need to repent of any pride or misconceptions we've had about those older or younger than us (I repented that morning with Mom). We can not afford to waste time holding onto grudges or wrong ideas! We do not have the time to waste! The hour is swiftly approaching and there is only ONE way to be ready for it. Together.

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