Thursday, March 31, 2011

Judgment in America

God told me this on the morning of 3/25/11. It may sound like "DOOM! DOOM!", but when you read the whole thing you will hopefully find that is actually an uplifting word for the body of Christ.

"Judgment has to come to America. It has to in order for the Kingdom to walk forth boldly, clothed in righteousness. A meltdown of the economy will happen. The government of America will be downshifted and broken in two. This will need to happen to break old covenants with humanity that were made with Satan and his servants. His men must be pulled back from the root. My men have seen them shaved back time and time again, but my men have not seen the root of it. When the root is pulled out they can not return."

I honestly didn't think that I would be sharing this word in a blog. Then last night Mom told me that God had told one of our mutual friends that the economy was going to collapse. This friend feels that it is imminent and could happen as soon as Friday or this weekend. I take this friend very seriously because the oil spill in Louisiana was correctly predicted by this friend. Also, God told this friend, the week before it happened, that something big and disastrous was going to happen the weekend Japan got hit by a tsunami. Since this person is hearing the Lord pretty clearly, I asked God if I should share the similar word He had given me. He said yes. So here I am.

Pray over these words. I love you all!

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