Saturday, July 9, 2011

Interpreting the Momentum Dream

About the Momentum Dream: Today God told me that I really should blog about the dream, instead of just writing it and then leaving it out for interpretation. Basically, He called me out on being lazy. I realized that He was right (surprise, surprise!), so here it goes.

What I have gleaned from a lot of my dreams is that even though we are always in a relationship with Jesus, and, yes, He lives inside of us, there is some kind of line, or boundary, that is there in that relationship. This boundary is the fact that Jesus is not always with us in the same way ALL the time. I think that is why we sometimes feel His presence way stronger than other times. The same goes with God.

I have had a dream in which I'm doing something, and then have to go find God or Jesus, ask them a question about what I'm doing, then leave them to go back to what I was doing.

I have had a dream that I am sitting in a giant warehouse with God as He works on something, and we're hanging out, talking. Then He turns to me and says, "I have to leave to go do something. Wait here until I come back." He leaves the warehouse, and I am alone, waiting.

I have had a dream in which Jesus is with me for a while, and then He leaves. But, His ghost is left behind and goes with me everywhere. And I get letters from Jesus in this dream too.

I'm sure if I researched it all in the Bible, all of this would make lots of sense. I just need to do that. As I said before, I'm lazy.

In the Momentum Dream, I am not walking right beside Jesus, but I am obeying Him. He knows me, and we have a relationship, but I can not be as close to Him yet as I want to be. I am allowed to walk with Him after I walk up the hill. What the hill represents in real life, I do not know. But it seems to represent something I am doing out of obedience, definitely. Obeying Jesus, listening to Him, gets me closer to Him.

Town, or cities, in dreams usually mean the Church. Fields often represent the world...(wow, as I write this all out, the dream is starting to make more sense. stay with me and I'll explain.). The fence in the middle of the field is not closed off, because there is no fencing on one side. It has room underneath it to walk through, even though it doesn't look like enough room to the naked eye.

Jesus told me to go up the hill in town. When I obeyed, I ended up at the top of the field. He was at the bottom of the field when I arrived, and we met in the middle at the fence.

Maybe what this means is that I have to obey Jesus in the Church before I can walk with Him. And when I do obey Jesus in the Church, I end up in the world. Then I walk with Jesus in the world. I wonder if the fence is some sort of boundary that the Church sees from the inside, but when you get to the world, you see that the boundary is actually open and accessible. This may be a part of the world where the world is vulnerable to evil. The reason I think this is because I do not know why Jesus was marching around and through the fence. Was it to protect and guard it? Was there another reason?

Stephanie came to us from the town, so that is good. I think it is good for the Church to go out into the world, because that is what Jesus did in the Bible, and what He seemed to be doing in the dream.

That is what I understand about the dream so far. There is a lot that I don't understand, but I think that God wants to open my eyes to see more of what it means.

Any ideas from you all?

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