Thursday, July 7, 2011

Momentum Dream

I got through 6 minutes of one of Jamie Pridgen's sermons online, before I realized that I would have to finish it later. He said "The Spirit of wisdom and the knowledge of Him" about 120 times in those 6 minutes. I thought, I have got to blog that dream I had, since it gave me wisdom, revelation, and knowledge of Him, even though I don't understand all of it yet.... So here it is.

In the dream, I am walking into a downtown area, onto the main street that goes downhill. Immediately behind me, outside of the downtown buildings, there is a field that goes downhill. There is a metal fence running alongside the other side of the field. Also, in the middle of the field, there is another metal fence that is around a small square of grass, approx 7x7.

I see Jesus walking on the main street. Jesus is a woman, wearing a long, conservative white dress, with brown hair (This reminds of Papa in the book, The Shack.). There is an elderly lady walking with Jesus, also wearing a white dress, with gray hair pulled back in a loose bun.

Entering this dream came with knowing information. I knew that Jesus walked on earth, but he, or in this case, she, also walked through spiritual windows and doors that took her to different places on earth. She liked to keep moving. The elderly lady walked with Jesus through these spiritual windows and doors. I knew that if people walked with Jesus without her saying that they were ready, then their spirits would be so drawn to the spiritual world that they were walking through, that their spirits could be suddenly swept up into heaven. This was not necessarily a bad thing, because our spirits do belong in heaven, but I knew that I didn't want my spirit to go to heaven until the time was right. Besides, the point of being able to walk right beside Jesus wasn't to be swept into heaven, but to be able to be so close to Jesus with her permission. I figured that the elderly lady must have been walking in obedience to what Jesus told her to do for a while to now be walking so closely together.

A spiritual window opened on the main street in front of Jesus and the elderly lady. I cupped my hands around my mouth and shouted, "Hey, Jesus! Can I walk with you?"

Jesus turned and saw me. She yelled back, "No! Walk up the hill and to the field!"

I obediently turned to walk up the hill on the main street, hoping this would get me closer to walking next to Jesus.

After I walked up the street and circled back to the field outside of downtown, I saw Jesus and the elderly lady entering onto the field also, at the bottom of the hill. I was now walking almost directly toward them, and they both started up the hill towards the small square of fence in the middle of the field.

I decided to try again, just in case I was ready, even though I didn't feel like my spirit had changed enough to be safe walking with Jesus. I threw up one hand beside my mouth to call, "Jesus! Can I walk with you now?"

"Yes!" She shouted back, motioning for me to join them both. I was surprised, but so excited to finally be able to walk with Jesus. That was all I wanted. I joined them right when they reached the fence. This was when I noticed that the fence did not close into a square, but had been left open on one side. Also, there was a small opening in the base of a part of the fence, barely three feet wide, and only tall enough for a medium sized dog to walk under. We immediately started walking around the square in a circle. We walked counterclockwise, around, into and then under the small opening at the base of the fence. I noticed that none of us had to duck to walk through the base of the fence, we would just walk under it as if it were tall enough. I kept turning around to glance at the opening, expecting it to be bigger than I remembered the last time I walked through it. But it was always small, as if I were Alice were walking through Wonderland.

After a while of walking around the fence repeatedly, another lady walked up the hill and Jesus welcomed her to join our steady march. Her name was Stephanie, and she also wore a white dress, but also wore a white bonnet, and had curls. Stephanie pulled out her cellphone and sent a message to her friends on facebook, letting them know that Jesus was moving in this area. Soon, many people came to the fence in the middle of the field, and joined the march too, excited to know where Jesus was walking. When they joined though, our direction changed, and our circle was suddenly moving clockwise.

This caused me to now be walking in front of Jesus in the circle. As the people around us were talking and laughing, Jesus leaned forward and started saying something in a low voice. I turned my ear to listen. "I wish that Stephanie hadn't told anyone we were here. I had wanted to have left here by now and be walking somewhere else. Now we'll be here for much longer than I had wanted."

I turned my head back to face forward as we walked around and around, and I processed what Jesus had shared. Jesus could leave at any time. With so many people walking, the momentum of the circle had become so strong that we could not stop unless we jumped out, but that wouldn't stop Jesus. But I knew that Jesus wouldn't leave without her people as long as they walked in the circle, even though she hadn't asked them to come in the first place. She was loyal to them.

I knew that none of the people knew that Jesus wanted to stop the movement. They were just excited to be part of a movement, and didn't want it to end. They had also entered into the routine of the momentum of it, and were used to it.

So we kept walking around and through the tiny opening, over and over. Then I woke up.

I feel like the dream has some layers to it, but is still pretty self-explanatory. Everything that I don't understand I'm just waiting to absorb into my spirit more. So I'm not going to go into any further detail trying to explain it. Let those with ears, hear, and those with eyes, see, ect.

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