Friday, July 1, 2011

New look for my blog and for my life.

I'd been wanting to change the look of my blog for weeks now. I'm tempted to have multiple blogs, with separate parts of my life in each, but I can't put my life in compartments. It all flows together.

My life is anything but bleak, and I didn't want my blog to give off that feeling. This is a picture of my brother, Jon, and I messing around outside. It was time for a new look. :) I'll probably change it more often now, but my goal will always remain the same.

I had a dream a couple years ago, in which I was hanging out at a youth group that I had been attending at the time. In the dream, I was wondering how long I should keep going to this youth group. We were all playing games and being silly, laughing with each other, when I got a letter. It was put in my hand, and I opened it. It was from God. All it said was, "Follow the laughter."

And from then on, that has been my #1 rule when it comes to staying somewhere. If there is laughter, if there is joy, I stay.

Dad, Jon, and I watched It's Kind of a Funny Story last night. We were expecting it it to be great, but not epic. And it was epic. There were so many surprises around every corner, and Dad kept saying, "This is so real!" Which was kinda sad, but we knew it was true. We have all seen enough in our family to know that much.

Anyway, the movie was very smart and funny. This was impressive, since it deals with serious topics, such as suicide, depression, and mental illnesses.

Here is a song from the trailer, which got stuck in my head and became the soundtrack to all of the dreams I had last night.

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