Saturday, July 17, 2010


Have any of you ever been hurt slowly, over time, by someone, or a group of people, and not realized it until way later?

It is the pits but, I would rather realize that I'm hurt and set boundaries than not.

I think one of the reasons why it takes me so long to realize that I'm being hurt is because I hate thinking bad of others. Being judgmental is wrong but, sometimes it's just a fact that someone is bad for you.

I'm in wisdom training for sure. God has been showing me who I can trust and who I can't. Some people just want to use you and suck you dry. It's an awful truth. I've been reading Proverbs lately, and it speaks of these people repeatedly.

But then God shows you that they aren't good for you, you set boundaries, and then...FREEDOM and HEALING!

I've worked for so long just to see you mess around
What you've done, what you've done, what you've done
I want back the years that you took when I was young
I was young, I was young, but it's done

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