Friday, April 22, 2011

Couch Potato

I started a free week trial at the closest gym. I have only been once, but I really enjoyed it! I definitely am guessing on how to work the equipment though, but its kinda fun to guess ;). I am currently dressed to go there again but...I just ate. So I am waiting for my food to digest. I'll probably watch an episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution to get pumped, because my body is currently sore, exhausted, and wants to be a couch potato.

God is currently teaching me how to deal with feelings, like anger, without letting them control my actions. The main thing is to be assertive and let people know how I feel without blowing my top off. There is no reason to be aggressive, especially if people around you don't even know you are upset! Then they just think you're crazy or spiteful. Yep. Don't want to be that way. So I am taking action and making sure I communicate! I am pretty sure this is something that I will always be dealing with and have to be conscious of. As long as I walk it out with Jesus I will be okay. :D

It is hard though, and feels like shaky ground. But that is just because I am not always letting myself stand on the Rock, and instead try to trust myself. My flesh wants me to believe that I am more solid than the Rock. This is not true.

I love you all!

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