Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happiness hit me like a train on a track.

Jon and I were just watching some home videos from a few years ago. We both noticed that our family was a lot happier then. We are beaming, glowing, and laughing way more, noticeably so. This made me sad, and we both tried to figure out why this was. I can't think of anything horrific that scarred us to cause such a drop in joy. To try to explain the change Jon and I came up with a few theories. (Keep in mind that even though some things below are stated quite factually, they are still indeed THEORIES).

1. My hair had magical happiness-giving powers. It used to be REALLY, REALLY long. It is naturally a golden color. When my family looked at it, shining and flowing free, their hearts expanded and joy overflowed. When I chopped it off, the magic left.

2. Dad's weight had magical happiness-giving powers. Well...I'm not as sure about this one. But he lost a lot of weight a couple years ago. In the videos he still has the weight and seems happier, as are we. He runs a lot now so he may be hungry all the time. Hunger can equal less joy.

3. We all stopped drinking caffeinated coffee. Jon is especially bummed about this. Caffeinated coffee brought joy to our bodies, souls, and lives.

4. Television. We only got a lot of cool channels with show that we actually like watching several years ago. Before television we were all more active and full of life. Now we live vicariously and don't create our own joy.

5. Laptops/internet/facebook/ect./ect.///. Time-sucker for sure. We started having a lot of interactions on facebook and stopped communicating as much face to face (although we don't do that anymore, but still, if true the damage is already done).

6. We sacrificed joy for comfort and easy-living. Going out and doing stuff is hard and takes energy. We became couch-potatoes and the endorphins stopped flowing.

7. We don't attend concerts together anymore. My family used to patronize all local and nonlocal (mostly the latter) Christian rock concerts. We were famous.

I could go on, because reasons keep pouring into my brain. I hardly see Isaac anymore because he lives in the basement in front of his computer or video games. Geez.

My family is an extremely happy one. We do laugh A LOT. We make others laugh A LOT. We bring joy wherever we go. But...we seemed happier then.

I don't really care why it happened...I just want it back.


  1. How long will it take for your hair to grow back?

  2. hahaha! I'm not even sure if I'm right. Mom pointed today that I don't SEE ourselves right now. I'm just in the moment. So in a few years I could look back on now and go "man, we were happier then." Not even realizing that we are just as happy now. We just do different things!

    But coming up with the theories was fun :-)

  3. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten all those doughnuts for lunch then.

  4. probably not... :/

    :P love you! I was processing what I thinking and needed to get it out there. I don't "want it back" anymore. I realize that one of the things is that I was more carefree back then, like Mom said tonight. Now I have more things to think about. Same with all of us. I know that we are happy. It is just a different kind of happy. I'm okay with that now that I've thought, written, and talked about it with both of you.

  5. Dad was just like Jolly 'Ol St. Nick...His "belly shook like a bowl full of jelly" and we all laughed and laughed...seriously, though, I do think TV and Computers still Quality Time from us all, but also you guys are older and do have more responsibilities in I vote for more Quality Time, Living in the Now, and Quarterly Cruises!