Tuesday, April 19, 2011

There is a light up ahead.

There is light! It is coming towards me! I can see it. I can feel it. If I concentrated hard enough, I could probably taste it.

Whenever I have pictured myself making something my career, I have seen some sort of darkness looming in the future. It would be in the form of codependency, jealousy, lies, ect. This possibility lies in almost any job, but I knew that for me it would not matter if I overcame these obstacles. Either way I would feel drained afterwards. This was because I could not find any passion within me to pursue these careers. I had no desire to fight.

The exact opposite happened when I realized that I wanted to become a dietitian and a personal trainer. A light was suddenly burning so bright in front of me! My future was practically on fire, and it was coming towards me fast. It was overcoming the darkness with an intensity that was increasing, and I welcomed it. I had found passion at last. Nothing was wrong with me, I just hadn't seen the light up ahead on any other path.

There will be times when I have to fight and make sure I keep my head despite my surroundings, but now it is worth it.

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