Saturday, April 2, 2011

Feeling good.

I wake up in the best mood these days. I am loving it!

Indian Stew was a success. Prepping for it took me a couple hours, but I'm not sure I can blame all of the chopping (I got a blister from chopping!) and peeling for that. My friend, Dorsey, who is going to a college nearby and is therefore living with my family, was also busy in the kitchen. He was making challah bread. We ended up talking about interesting things, such as Young Victoria (the movie and also the history), teatime and siestas, sign language, baby language, heaven language (what language are we going to speak in heaven? are we just going to understand each other?), what jobs we're going to have in heaven?, is there teatime in heaven?, is the sabbath a teatime?, ect.

He is a linguistics major and is taking a philosophy class, which makes for some interesting conversations that pushes me to think about things I don't usually think about. This was one of the things I loved about my social work classes, so I don't mind, but it definitely slowed both of us down. I was also pulling apart a whole cauliflower plant. I had never encountered such a vegetable in it's whole form, so that took some time. But luckily, dinner was still served by sunset, and it was DELICIOUS! Dorsey's challah also rose beautifully and he was able to make two loaves that came out of the oven twice the size they normally do! He praised the Lord for giving him a double portion.

Dear Dad,
I found an amazing pie recipe website (Pillsbury) last night. Thank you so much for supporting my baking endeavors emotionally and financially. Would you like peach pie first, or an apple pie with cheddar crust?
Love, your favorite daughter

I love you all!

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