Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Batteries Not Included

Last night, Jon and I went out to chill around. We went to our favorite Asian restaurant, but it was closed, which was very strange. But we carried on to Sonic with our fists raised high; Fried Crap For The Win! Between the two of us, we ate everything we ordered.

As we ate, we were enjoying the vast array of songs that Sonic plays on their radio, until a beat up truck pulled up beside us. A black guy was blasting rap music. Jon said, " How rude! That is so annoying! I don't even know what to bob my head to anymore!" I told him he had White People Problems, and we both chortled.

We went to Target 20 minutes before it closed, not just to annoy the employees, but also to get the shirt I had been coveting ever since I saw a customer walk into my store wearing it. They were out of my size. We kicked up some dust around the store until we found Batteries Not Included for...FIVE DOLLARS?!? That's practically giving it away! I got it. :D

When we got home, Jon went to bed, but Isaac and I watched it, and smiled at one of the movies from our childhood. I was also struck by how the movie is actually about aging, and the undertone of the movie speaks against ageism, I believe.

It's a sweet movie to see. My whole family highly recommends it.

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  1. Asia Cafe is closed on Mondays.

    I'm surprised there weren't pics from this event.