Thursday, August 18, 2011


I'm going in to work earlier tomorrow, on account of being on my school break. :) MAKING MONEY!

I ran errands with Jon and Mom today. We went to the orthodontist for Jon, and they did something that was necessary and painful to his braces. Gah, I hated braces.

We went to my college to see if I need to take more classes to keep my financial aid. I do not. So much stress has been lifted! I'm an angel floating on air!

We went to Target so Mom could shop for a friend's wedding present. Like Mother Joan likes to say, "shopping with Mom is an experience." She can shop for hours, in one store. I remember many an afternoon spent sitting on the carpet of Walmart, or playing with the junky toys at Big Lots.

Because of this, it really is best to shop with Mom in threes. Jon was with me, and we looked at all of the wallets (he got a new wallet for his new driver's license), looked at all the men's hats, looked at all the women's hats, looked at all the women's scarves, looked at all the women's watches, looked at all the women's clothes, looked at all the men's shirts, looked at a men's coat, looked at all the movies, looked at all the books, looked at all the cds.

In between looking at these things, Jon would get texts from Mom that read,

"I'm in the school supply section."

"I'm in the food section."

"I'm back in the school supply section."

I think between the three of us, we covered every inch of that store. :)

Jon and I went to Mother Joan and Howard's this evening, and had a grand time hanging out. I love my grandparents.

And now I'm going to bed. I know that I'm still pretty physically burned out. I'm also mentally burned out. Here is an example of how my mind's filter, that keeps all the craziness inside my brain, needs to rest.

I'm in Target, walking ahead of Jon. He is still looking at the wallets, and I'm moving on to the men's hats. To get there, I have to walk by the men's underwear section.

Seeing all of the half-naked men on the packages, lining up and down the wall, I start singing (yes, singing) to the tune of Camptown Races, "Lots and lot of naked men, naked men, naked men. Lots and lots of naked men..."

I suddenly realize that I am singing this OUT LOUD. I shut my trap and look around me. No one is in the men's section. PHEW!

Jon catches up with me, and I tell him what I did. "I still need sleep," I say. "I got 9 hours last night, but I apparently have more catching up to do."

Jon said, "Yeah, Jenny, that's not good. I didn't want to tell you this, but yesterday you had really big bags under your eyes."

"I DID?"

"Yeah, it was pretty bad."

So to bed. I go. Good. Night. World.